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The Nextjet logo is an engaging visual representation that draws immediate attention due to its striking resemblance to a child’s ball and the Xbox emblem. Although belonging to a bankrupt company, this intriguing design leaves a strong impression with its vibrant colors and well-thought-out symbols.

The Circular Formation and Triangles:

  • Design: The logo is a circle formed by four colored triangles, two red and two blue. These are separated by broad white stripes that create a stylized ‘X.’
  • Meaning: The circular formation symbolizes unity and completeness, while the colored triangles can signify diversity and dynamism.

The Stylized’ X’ and the Miniature Airplane:

  • Design: The white stripes dividing the triangles form an ‘X,’ from which a small airplane is depicted as taking off, ascending upward.
  • Meaning: The ‘X’ can be seen as a crossroads or intersection, symbolizing connection and convergence. The ascending airplane adds an aviation touch and emphasizes forward movement and aspiration.

Color Choices and Their Implications:

  • Red and Blue Triangles: These colors often stand for energy (red) and trust (blue), reflecting the dual nature of excitement and reliability.
  • White Stripes: White for the ‘X’ can represent purity and simplicity, adding a clean and modern aesthetic to the logo.

Typography of the Company Name:

  • Style: The company’s name is inscribed in red cursive letters at the bottom with a distinctive design. The letter ‘T’ has unusual cuts, and both capital ‘E’s resemble lowercase letters.
  • Implication: This unique font style adds character and individuality to the logo. Red aligns with one of the triangle’s colors, maintaining a cohesive color scheme.

Visual Appeal and Recognition:

  • Distinctiveness: The logo’s resemblance to recognizable symbols, such as a child’s ball or Xbox emblem, makes it eye-catching and memorable.
  • Balance and Harmony: The symmetrical design and balanced use of colors create an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious look.

Potential Interpretations in the Context of the Airline Industry:

  • Connection and Exploration: The intersection and the ascending plane illustrate the connection between different destinations and exploring new horizons.
  • Inclusivity and Innovation: The diverse color scheme and creative design reflect an inclusive approach and an innovative spirit.

Legacy and Historical Context:

  • An Emblem of a Bygone Era: Although the airline is no longer operational, the logo is a creative reminder of what the company once represented.
  • Impact on Brand Identity: The logo likely played a significant role in defining the brand’s identity and the values it embraced.

Conclusion and Reflection:

  • A Rich Tapestry of Symbols: The logo is a multifaceted design, weaving together various symbols, colors, and shapes that tell a story of connection, innovation, and aspiration.
  • Enduring Impressions: Despite the company’s bankruptcy, the logo’s intelligent design leaves a lasting impression that transcends its commercial purpose.

Nextjet: Brand overview

Founded: 2002 – 16 May 2018
Solna Municipality, Sweden

Founded in 2002, Nextjet was a Sweden-based regional airline that functioned until 2018. The airline took flight for the first time in December 2002, initially serving as a contract carrier for major European airlines with a modest fleet of SAAB 340 and SAAB 2000 aircraft.

In 2005, the company transitioned into a scheduled airline, offering regional routes within Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia. The primary hubs for its operations were established at Stockholm-Arlanda and Gothenburg airports. In the following decade, Nextjet broadened its services to over 25 destinations within Europe and domestically, earning the title of Sweden’s largest regional airline. It transported over one million passengers annually.

However, by 2018, Nextjet’s financial condition began to falter due to mounting losses and debt. In May 2018, after 15 years in operation, the airline was forced to declare bankruptcy and halt all services. At its closure, Nextjet maintained a fleet of 18 aircraft and employed over 400 individuals. Its shutdown resulted in a significant void in Sweden’s regional air connectivity.

Meaning and History

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