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Nextjet: Brand overview

Founded in 2002, Nextjet, a Swedish regional airline, lasted until 2018. The airline first took to the air in December 2002 and initially acted as a contract carrier for major European airlines with a modest fleet of SAAB 340 and SAAB 2000 aircraft.

In 2005, the company switched to scheduled flights, offering regional routes to Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia. The main hubs for its operations were Stockholm-Arlanda and Gothenburg airports. In the following decade, Nextjet expanded its services to more than 25 European and domestic destinations and earned the title of Sweden’s largest regional airline. It carried more than one million passengers annually.

However, by 2018, Nextjet’s financial situation began to deteriorate due to mounting losses and debts. In May 2018, after 15 years of operation, the airline was forced to declare bankruptcy and cease all transportation. At the time of its closure, Nextjet had a fleet of 18 airplanes and employed more than 400 people. Its closure left a significant void in regional air service in Sweden.

Meaning and History

Nextjet Logo History

2002 – 2014

Nextjet Logo 2002

2014 – today

Nextjet Logo

The bankrupt Nextjet has an intriguing symbol that resembles both a child’s ball and an Xbox emblem. It looks like a circle formed by four multicolored triangles: two red and two blue. These segments are separated by wide white stripes, forming a stylized letter “X.” From this “X” emerges a miniature airplane rising upward – a small but significant detail. Below in red letters is the name of the carrier. The italic font that the name is written in has a unique design: the letter “T” has unusual cutouts, and both uppercase letters “E” look like lowercase letters.

Nextjet’s logo design options serve specific purposes. The stylized “X” formed by white stripes symbolizes intersection or interconnection, emphasizing the airline’s network. The ascending miniature airplane adds dynamism to the logo and is in keeping with the airline’s character. The unique cutouts on the letter “T” and lowercase letter “E” in the font give the emblem a special character, making the brand more memorable despite its bankruptcy.