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Ninemsn Logo embarked on a fresh journey in 2016 when the brand decided to rechristen itself as Nine.Com.Au, which prompted the unveiling of a new visual representation. The overhauled emblem retained the blue and gray colors of its predecessor, but the tones were revitalized, exuding a vibrant flair. The iconic nine dots from the first logo made a comeback, this time reimagined in a light blue color and meticulously arranged in linear order to form a square adjacent to the brand name.

This transformation signals a renewed emphasis on brand identity. The array of dots, now enhanced and more pronounced, is a visual anchor harking back to the original logo, thus preserving an element of brand history and familiarity. Situated neatly next to the name, they convey a sense of order and structure, which mirrors the brand’s commitment to delivering well-organized content.

The lettering, rendered in a more vibrant shade, communicates dynamism and energy, reflecting the brand’s progressive approach and its readiness to adapt to changing digital landscapes. The logo company’s dedication to growth and innovation is well encapsulated in the bright and bold design.

The colors chosen for the emblem, notably the enhanced blue, underscore the brand’s reliability and trustworthiness. These values are central to the ethos of this logo platform.

The meaning of the Ninemsn emblem, with its thoughtful design and refreshing color palette, is a testament to the brand’s ongoing evolution, its respect for its roots, and its commitment to delivering superior, trustworthy content.

Ninemsn: Brand overview

Founder:Nine Entertainment Co
Australia, initially recognized as Ninemsn, emerged as a significant force in Australia’s digital news scene, owned by the publicly listed Nine Entertainment Co. This renowned platform has a rich history, beginning as a joint venture between Microsoft and PBL Media and evolving into one of the country’s most visited news websites.

Over the years, it’s not just the name that changed but also the operational aspects, leading to increased scope and reach. The transformation has been such that the platform now brings a wealth of information and news coverage to its audience, be it local events or global affairs, gaining immense trust and popularity along the way.

Meaning and History

Ninemsn Logo History

Speaking of brand identity, the platform has crafted a persona that represents authenticity, comprehensiveness, and immediacy. At its core, it’s dedicated to providing precise and fast-paced news to its audience. The brand is synonymous with credibility – every piece of news disseminated is thoroughly verified, ensuring that the reader’s trust in its content remains unshaken.

A noteworthy aspect of its identity is the commitment to user-centric design and functionality. The interface, layout, and navigation elements on the website reflect this commitment, providing a user-friendly experience that holds a mirror to its dedication to its audience. The website’s ease of use enhances the reader’s experience, enabling them to access the content they desire effortlessly and quickly.

Through steadfast dedication to truth, usability, and the needs of its audience, has developed a compelling brand identity. It continues to stand as a pillar of reliable news dissemination in Australia, connecting individuals to the happenings around them with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and speed. This unique blend of values ensures that it remains a trusted source of information for its vast reader base.

What is Ninemsn?

Ninemsn, founded in 1997 by Nine Entertainment Co, was a leading Australian digital media company offering a diverse range of online services, including news, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and weather content. The company, based in Australia, was a joint venture between Microsoft and Nine Network, and it was one of the most visited websites in the country. Despite being rebranded as in 2016, Ninemsn’s legacy as an influential digital platform in Australia’s internet history remains prominent.

1997 – 1999

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1999 – 2000

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2000 – 2011

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2011 – 2014

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2014 – 2016

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2016 – today Logo

Ninemsn color codes

Celestial BlueHex color:#3597e9
RGB:53 151 233
CMYK:77 35 0 9
Pantone:PMS 2925 C
Spanish GrayHex color:#979797
RGB:151 151 151
CMYK:0 0 0 41
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 7 C