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The NumLookup logo looks like the cover of a detective story, where the main character is a mysterious, enigmatic, and elusive detective. This is an appropriate logo for a site that collects information about the mobile phone numbers of different people.

NumLookup: Brand overview

United States
NumLookup is the name of a website aimed at users who need to get up-to-date information about a mobile phone and its owner. Almost all the functionality of the site is free. As a result, the Numlookup client, using an intuitive interface and site navigation, can get reliable data pulled from “White” databases. Therefore, such a search does not violate the laws of most countries and is legal.

Meaning and History

NumLookup Symbol

The main functionality of Numlookup is to obtain information about the numbers from which the user received missed calls. The website database contains millions of American numbers, and therefore the likelihood of interacting with scammers is reduced to a minimum. After checking the entered number, the system will provide information about its status, including complaints from other users.

Using Numlookup, the user does not have to worry about the legality of their actions. The company uses only legal algorithms for updating databases, working with the current regulatory legal acts. At the output, the client receives completely reliable information. What’s more, one of the obvious advantages of Numlookup is that it’s free. The user does not even need to enter personal data to get a full phone number verification.

What is NumLookup?

This website is ideal for those users who need to get reliable information about the mobile number from which they made the call.

Since the project’s launch, its logo has never succumbed to redesign. This is quite logical, as the Numlookup logo conveys the website’s functionality. After reading the logo, the user immediately understands that this is a professional resource with rich experience in the information processing market. For people to associate the project with a serious resource, it was decided to use a black and white color scheme.

The Numlookup logo consists of an emblem and a wordmark located on the right. The emblem is made in the form of a stylized image of a man wearing a coat, glasses, and a hat. This is a reference to the “spy” theme, as this man is very similar to an undercover man. Moreover, the web site’s functionality is aimed at the maximum anonymity of the client. Also, the company thus clearly conveys the message that its main task is to analyze the identities of unknown numbers. The mystery of this character makes the logo modern and progressive at first sight.

The “Numlookup” wordmark is made using a bold sans-serif font with rounded corners. At the same time, all characters are slightly tilted to the right, which indicates the use of italics.

Font and Colors

NumLookup Emblem

The wordmark used a classic italic, bold sans-serif with rounded corners. Visually, it resembles Linotype Rana Std Bold. However, to make the outlines in the letters more modern, a slight modernization of the writing style was carried out.

The logo is designed in black and white. This palette was not chosen by chance, as it allows the company to point out the anonymity and seriousness of the project and the focus on the final result.

NumLookup color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C