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The logo of Oceanic Airlines carries many symbolic meanings that reflect its greatness and principles. The outer part of the emblem depicts a purple circle made of purple dots, which symbolizes infinity, unity, and a strong image. Each dot, evenly spaced around, symbolizes a customer who is a focal point for the company. Inside this circle, two rings of different sizes and colors are drawn to complement the idea of integrity and stability. The light blue ring evokes freedom, travel, and take-off, and the blue ring evokes the sea and reliability.

The brand name, written at the bottom of the logo, depicts the years of experience and respect it has earned from its customers. The bold blue letters of the word “Oceanic” look reliable and authoritative, while the smaller and thinner letters of the word “AIRLINES” create a sense of ease and freedom.

The core values and benefits of the Oceanic Airlines brand are high-quality services, passenger comfort, and reliability. The emblem is a symbol of these indicators and advantages, an expression of identity and style.

The visual mark is a coherent, modern, and recognizable structure that attracts attention with its beauty and aesthetics. It expresses the importance of customers to the company and its willingness to provide them with maximum comfort and convenience during the flight.

The identity aims to create the image of a high-class and reliable carrier that can provide its customers with safety and comfort during the flight and takes care of its reputation and image. All elements of the logo are interconnected and coordinate with each other, forming a unified and unique composition that speaks of the quality and style of the brand.

Oceanic Airlines: Brand overview

Founder:ABC Lost
United States
Oceanic Airlines is a non-existent airline central to the plot of the television series “Lost.” While entirely fictional, the detailed portrayal of Oceanic Airlines significantly contributed to the depth of the series’ narrative.

The pivotal plot point in the series revolves around the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 on a mysterious island. This crash scene set the stage for the show’s primary storyline. The imaginary airline was depicted as being headquartered in Los Angeles, offering flights to the South Pacific and Australia through its hub in the same city.

To enhance the authenticity and credibility of the fictional airline, the series used a unique airline logo, aircraft livery, ticket designs, and other branding elements that represented Oceanic Airlines. These symbols extended to props like airline tickets, passports, and safety cards, all showcasing the Oceanic Airlines branding.

Emphasizing the airline’s customer-focused approach, its slogan was “Oceanic Airlines – Your World. Your Way.” Through the filming of various airport, ticket counter, and aircraft interior scenes, the series convincingly presented Oceanic Airlines as a significant international carrier.

The portrayal of Oceanic Airlines within the mythology of Lost positioned it as a trustworthy, efficient, albeit fictional airline operating widebody jets on long-haul routes. Even though it was fictitious, the meticulous attention to detail in presenting Oceanic Airlines led to its believable integration into the show’s world.

Following the series’s conclusion, no efforts were made to commercialize the brand. Despite this, Oceanic Airlines remains an intriguing piece of the “Lost” universe, underscoring the level of detail that went into creating the show’s setting and storyline.

Meaning and History

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Oceanic Airlines color codes

Royal FuchsiaHex color:#cc0093
RGB:204 0 147
CMYK:0 100 28 20
Pantone:PMS Pink C
Violet BlueHex color:#2748ab
RGB:39 72 171
CMYK:77 58 0 33
Pantone:PMS 2726 C
Deep Sky BlueHex color:#02b7f6
RGB:2 183 246
CMYK:99 26 0 4
Pantone:PMS 298 C