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On the social network, the Odnoklassniki logo happily waves its “arms” and seems to bounce, showing its desire to communicate. The emblem looks positive because it aims to attract new users to the website.

Odnoklassniki: Brand overview

Founded:March 4, 2006
Founder:Albert Popkov

Odnoklassniki is a well-known social network, also known as Odnoklassniki and OK.ru. The project belongs to the large Russian technology corporation VK. A web developer Albert Popkov was involved in creating a successful platform. More than ten years have passed since its launch, and during this time, millions of customers have joined the site.

According to the data for 2020, the attendance of the Internet resource was about 45 million users per month. The rapid increase in the audience and the constant development of the site have made it one of the most popular. In the popular ranking, she takes 30th place. The modern service logo is simple and expressive. A bright upside-down OK icon is complemented by an inscription in a base shade.

Meaning and History

Odnoklassniki Logo History

In the history of the Odnoklassniki service, many significant events influenced the functionality of the site and the concept of identity. The project was started back in 2006. But, for the first few months, A. Popkov considered it exclusively a hobby and invested in development himself.

The number of users grew rapidly, so he created a legal entity. At the initial stage, the design was handled by Dmitry Utkin. The logo was brightly colored and consisted of different shapes. It was later replaced with a more modern and stylish version.

2006 – 2011

Odnoklassniki Logo 2006

At first, the Odnoklassniki logo was multi-colored: orange, gray, and green prevailed. These were the calm colors of the pastel spectrum. The basis of the composition was the sun, depicted in the form of an arch, through which two figures passed. The little men were geometric and looked more like puppets than real people. Under their feet were ovals of several colors.

Triangles with sharp ends were located on the outer side of the arc. They symbolized the sun’s rays: the central ones were elongated and large, and the side ones were short and small. At the bottom, the designers placed the social network’s name with a domain name. The silver word “odnoklassniki” was typed in Cyrillic. It was intricate and grotesque. At the same time, the orange “.ru” domain had English spelling.

2011 – 2016

Odnoklassniki Logo 2011

The social network Odnoklassniki expanded rapidly. In 2011, the number of registered users reached 70 million and then grew exponentially. The growth in popularity prompted the management to think about changing the corporate identity. The logo needed a major update to keep up with the trends of the time.

After some discussion, it was decided to update the logo design. The new badge was a new version that compares favorably with its predecessor. It was much simpler, clearer, and more meaningful. In addition, the bright icon has become more recognizable. The very quality of the performance was much better than in the previous version.

This approach emphasized the values ​​of the company and its direction of activity. In addition, changes in design testified to the desire of the social network to remain on the same wavelength with its users. The stylized word OK became the visual basis. The letters were made so that they resembled a small man with a large head; after them was the network’s name, made in a simple font.

A feature of the logo was that the letters OK had a special meaning. If you turn them at a right angle, they mean the generally accepted abbreviation of the network. In the standard form, the letters symbolized a little man – a user of Odnoklassniki.

2016 – 2021

Odnoklassniki Logo 2016

In 2016, the popularity of the service continued to grow. Odnoklassniki was in second place in terms of video views, according to Runet. During this period, there were small changes in the design of the logo:

  • updated color palette;
  • the font has changed.

The colors became lighter, which added lightness and freshness to the logo. In the context of identity, such changes personified the desire for something new, the opening of wide opportunities for users, and the development of the service. The font has changed within the same group. In addition, according to the rules of 2016, it was forbidden to rotate the image at a right angle.

2021 – today

Odnoklassniki Logo

The modern logo is simple. The designers changed the typeface to use low-rise, bold glyphs with rounded ends for the title. The inverted “OK” brand icon has been retained and proportionally reduced about the text. Both parts are now colored orange.

Font and Colors

Odnoklassniki Emblem

The current logo of the Odnoklassniki brand is made in a special style – Din Round Pro, which became the official font of the social network. It replaced Din Text Pro, which was used to design the previous version. The company also allows the use of other fonts, but only in certain situations. Helvetica and Arial fonts are acceptable if the required type is missing.

Odnoklassniki Symbol

The logo’s color scheme consists of gray, presented in 3 shades (Cool Gray 3, Cool Gray 9, and 432 C) and orange (in the matching system, it is represented by the number 144 C). This palette demonstrates balance and harmony. Bright orange looks great with basic gray. This favorably emphasizes the stability of the social network base and the constant updating of its functionality.

Odnoklassniki color codes

Dark OrangeHex color:#ff8800
RGB:255 136 0
CMYK:0 47 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C