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The Onhollywood logo is as informative as possible because the designers decided to embody the concept and name of the brand in it. The emblem shows the website’s connection with creative activity due to its non-trivial style.

Onhollywood: Brand overview

California, U.S.
Onhollywood is the name of a website that functions as an online retailer specializing in the wholesale of branded merchandise from iconic bands and solo artists. It is not only about things and accessories, but also about posters and stickers from major concerts, which will be a great gift for fans of the modern music industry. Today, Onhollywood offers its customers a huge selection of branded products from musical groups worldwide.

Meaning and History

Onhollywood Symbol

Officially, the Onhollywood brand was launched in 1996, and almost immediately after that, an online store was created with which you can purchase any available product. Given that the company is headquartered in California, its activities are mainly aimed at American users. However, today, Onhollywood operates in all corners of the world, offering products to customers on all continents.

Almost all products related to musical groups are available on the official website. This is not only about branded T-shirts and fashion accessories but also about stationery, decorations, posters, etc.

What is Onhollywood?

This is a site with the help of which a person can easily find branded clothes and accessories of his favorite band. A convenient interface and quick payment for the purchase allow you to become the owner of any available product in a few minutes.

One of the advantages of the Onhollywood online store is an intuitive interface. A user with no shopping experience on the global network can place an order in a few minutes.

The brand logo has existed almost since the launch of the project, and during this time, not a single major redesign has been carried out. Visual recognition of Onhollywood is at a high level due to the demand for the project. If we talk more globally about the logo, it is based on simplicity and minimalism.

The logo consists exclusively of verbal inscriptions without additional elements, including emblems. The word “Hollywood” is in a classic sans-serif font. Lowercase letters with thin lines look simple, but at the same time, the word itself makes you interested in the project because billions of people around the world are interested in Hollywood. To the left of the main inscription, one above the other, there are two squares – green and black with white letters inside. The letters are rotated 90 degrees to the left, making the logo more mysterious and interesting.

Below the brand name is an additional inscription: “Powered by Star500.com”. The logo is based on the simplicity of elements that are easy to remember and remain in users’ minds. Consequently, the potential client of the online store becomes interested in the fullness of the site, and he follows the link.

Font and Colors

The brand name is in a classic sans-serif typeface. Visually, the inscription “Hollywood” resembles the style of writing Century Gothic W1G Regular. The name is easy to read, although it looks quite simple. The wordmark looks modern and friendly, attracting the target audience.

A strict color palette demonstrates Onhollywood as a serious and promising project with extensive experience in the global sales market. Initially, the user might think that the logo is made in black and white, but you can also notice a dark green square if you look closely. The chosen range of colors means confidence, safety, and reliability of the resource.

Onhollywood color codes

Hunter GreenHex color:#2a5238
RGB:42 82 56
CMYK:49 0 32 68
Pantone:PMS 7484 C
Rifle GreenHex color:#354336
RGB:53 67 54
CMYK:21 0 19 74
Pantone:PMS 553 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C