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The designers have developed the Oploverz logo, which symbolizes pirated content posted on the website. The logo calls for “mooring” to relax and watch anime. In addition, the emblem is partly dedicated to One Piece since this series was the first to appear in the catalog.

Oploverz: Brand overview

United States
Anime streaming platform Oploverz offers a variety of subtitled series and full-length cartoons to watch. Its server is hosted in the USA, but the largest number of visitors comes from Indonesia. Since the site operates illegally, it has mirrors with different domains. The directory contains pirated video content protected by copyright.

Meaning and History

Oploverz Symbol

According to the creators of Oploverz, the name of this service was formed from the words “one piace lovers.” This is because the subtitle group created a site for the Japanese television series One Piece fans. Later, viewers from Indonesia asked them to translate other projects. So the catalog began to expand and gradually went beyond the same type of content. Now the collection includes anime of different genres, including fantasy, romance, shoujo, drama, adventure, comedy, etc. Search by title and studio is available. It is possible to choose the quality of video playback.

Enthusiasts regularly update the site with new episodes of series and short and full-length anime with subtitles. They are placed in the catalog, which has a minimalistic design. The site’s visual identity is based on a combination of blue with white or dark gray (in night mode). Another distinctive feature is the nautical-themed logo.

What is Oploverz?

Oploverz is a website that allows you to watch anime with subtitles for free. There are regularly new episodes available in high definition. Content can be classified by genre, season, studio, and more.

The main symbol of Oploverz is a classic ship’s steering wheel. In artist’s performance, it consists of a blue ring complemented by rounded protrusions along the edges. At the bottom of the steering wheel is a ship’s anchor of the same blue color. On top of it is a piece of parchment or scroll with “LOVERZ” written in white. And above the anchor, right inside the ring, there are large letters “O” and “P” – as you already know, an abbreviation for the phrase “One Piece.”

The entire right side of the logo is a horizontally elongated quadrangular figure, in which the phrase “Download Anime Sub Indo” is written. For it, the designers used a slightly slanted font with pointed corners, reminiscent of short serifs.

The Oploverz emblem has a nautical theme. This is probably a reference to the adventure anime One Piece, which was the first in the site’s catalog. As you know, it tells the story of a team of pirates traveling in search of treasure. The image of the anchor and the steering wheel echoes the original plot in the best possible way. And the aquamarine color is associated with expanses of water.

Font and Colors

Oploverz Emblem

Judging by the shape of the letters, the Oploverz logo uses two different fonts. Moreover, in the case of the inscription “OP” and “LOVERZ,” this is not even any specific typeface but an individual set of glyphs that look unique. The most unusual configuration is “O,” resembling an inverted triangle with rounded sides.

And the phrase “Download Anime Sub Indo” is written somewhere between antiqua and grotesque because the serifs are so short and unexpressed that it seems as if they don’t exist. In this case, all letters are bold and have a slight slope to the right. The font is similar to a modified CartoGothic Std Bold Italic by FontSite Inc.

The combination of colors in the logo is as simple as possible: blue plus white. There are also very thin translucent shadows with a gray tint. Blue-green (aquamarine) was not chosen by chance because it is associated with the marine theme.

Oploverz color codes

Green BlueHex color:#0c8bd8
RGB:12 139 216
CMYK:94 36 0 15
Pantone:PMS 3005 C