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Osram: Brand overview

Osram, a German corporation known for its advanced lighting products, optoelectronics, and photonic components, has a rich history dating back to 1919. The merger of two well-known light bulb companies, AEG and Siemens & Halske, gave rise to Osram GmbH.

The company has created a wide portfolio of lighting products – from LED lamps and automotive luminaires to electronic control units, luminaires, and sensors. Its advanced solutions are designed for various industries, including construction, transportation, retail, entertainment, healthcare, horticulture, etc.

Osram operates globally, employing more than 23,000 people, with major R&D and manufacturing facilities located in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. For many years, the company’s shares were listed on the stock exchange until, in 2019, Ams, an Austrian sensor manufacturer, acquired a controlling stake, turning the company into a private company.

Osram has a long tradition of pioneering innovation, including seminal work on tungsten filament light bulbs in the early 20th century. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in the development of advanced LED lighting technologies, intelligent lighting solutions, and photonic applications.

In fiscal 2020, Osram’s revenues amounted to about 3 billion euros. The company’s products are sold under various brands, such as Osram, Siteco, and Traxon. Although no longer part of Siemens, Osram retains its century-long legacy of pioneering innovations in lighting technology.

Meaning and History

Osram Logo History

What is Osram?

Since its founding in 1919 through the merger of Auergesellschaft, Siemens & Halske, and Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG), Osram Licht AG has been shining a bright light around the world. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with an additional facility in Premstetten, Austria. Osram has become synonymous with high-quality electric lighting products.

1911 – 1922

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2001 – today

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2001 – today

Osram Corporate Logo

The light bulb manufacturer wants to be associated with light, so the color of its logo is reminiscent of the bright sun. The orange lettering “OSRAM” is the only element of the word mark. It is in a clean, bold, sans-serif font, which helps to create a stylish image. This letter design conveys a sense of confidence, modernity, and energy, in line with the company’s focus on developing innovative technologies.

The orange text resembles the warm glow of the setting sun, creating a feeling of coziness and hospitality. The bold font is reminiscent of the sun firmly in the sky, letting you know that it’s not going anywhere. It’s a sleek and simple image that makes you think, “Yeah, these guys know a thing or two about light bulbs.”

Osram color codes

PersimmonHex color:#ea5a06
RGB:234 90 6
CMYK:0 62 97 8
Pantone:PMS 1655 C