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Oud Milano: Brand overview

Founded in the fashion capital of Milan in 2016, Oud Milano originated from an idea by Matteo Mornati and Alessandro Tettamanti. Drawing on the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern culture and its deep connection to the charisma of oud fragrance, the brand set out to produce premium perfumes infused with oud. The essence of Oud Milano is the fusion of Italian sophistication and oriental charm.

As the brand’s presence deepened, its repertoire soon expanded to include not only fragrances but also skincare, makeup, hair care and even chic accessories. Central to its ethos was the interweaving of classic oriental elements such as ambergris, saffron and oud with modern European design, especially in packaging.

In 2018, Oud Milano’s first signature boutique opened on the bustling streets of Milan, epitomizing the company’s growing prestige in luxury cosmetics. As its inimitable fragrances spread beyond the country’s borders, the brand’s reputation grew stronger, paving the way for its presence in Europe, America and its inspiring homeland, the Middle East. Oud Milano is a beacon of luxury niche cosmetics, effortlessly blending the best offerings of East and West.

Meaning and History

Oud Milano Logo History

What is Oud Milano?

Since its establishment in 2016 in Milan, Italy, Oud Milano, a luxury cosmetics brand, has consistently captivated its customers. The emergence of this exquisite brand is credited to two passionate Italian business enthusiasts, Matteo Mornati and Alessandro Tettamanti, who were deeply moved by the intriguing heritage and customs of the Middle East. Offers a wide range of products including perfumes, skincare, cosmetics and hair care products.

2016 – today

Oud Milano Logo

The logo of the Italian manufacturer of decorative and care cosmetics hides a name dedicated to the main ingredient – agarwood, also known as the paradise tree. The writing is a monogram arranged vertically. The letters “O,” “U,” and “D” are so closely intertwined that they appear to be one. In addition, the last letter is turned sideways. They are connected by a needle with a triple feather at the top. The brand name is at the bottom of the emblem, occupying one line, and is written in thin sans-serif capital letters.

The needle and pen at the top resemble a quill or brush. It’s as if the logo itself is a small work of art, but without showing off. The intertwining letters resemble friends embracing each other, showing that all the ingredients in the cosmetics are very close and go well together.

Oud Milano color codes

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