The OXXO logo represents hundreds of mini-stores with a wide range of food, beverages, detergents, and household sundries. It’s versatile enough because the outlets aren’t limited to any one type of merchandise. The logo matches the chain’s corporate design in shape and color.

OXXO: Brand overview

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
OXXO is a Mexican chain of mini-stores with about 20 thousand points throughout the country. We are talking about both classic stores and branches at gas stations. The company was founded in Monterey in 1971. Initially a small grocery store, it has grown into one of the country’s most global and well-known chains. FEMSA owns the OXXO trademark.

Meaning and History

OXXO Logo History

Given that the target audience of the chain of stores is almost every resident of Mexico, the company tried to make an intuitive and memorable logo. For all the time, he changed only twice. Moreover, the redesign made only minimal changes related to the location of the elements. Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level. This was made possible not only by a progressive advertising campaign but also by using a catchy red and white color scheme, which has not changed since the project’s launch. Therefore, the changes are purely style-related.

What is OXXO?

It is the largest retail chain in Mexico. Every day, Oxxo stores serve about 50 million people in this country. The number of mini-stores continues to grow. They are located in small towns and metropolitan areas, including Mexico City.

1978 – the 1980s

OXXO Logo 1978

The first version of the logo is presented in red. Immediately after getting acquainted with it, the buyer has an association with shopping since the key element is a grocery cart with products inside. Under the emblem was the name of the store, “Oxxo.” It is made using a classic sans-serif typeface. All letters are lowercase, which should inspire confidence on the part of buyers. Of particular note are the elongated stripes in both “x”s, one below the other diagonally. As a result, these lines represent a handle that the customer can use to hold the cart.

the 1980s – 1992

OXXO Logo 1980s

The original version of the logo lasted only a few years and was later somewhat simplified. The cart image has been removed because, over the years, “Oxxo” has already become synonymous with affordable shopping for many. The key element was the verbal inscription, which remained identical to the original version. The inscription was on a white background. At the same time, it was decided to add three horizontal orange stripes at the bottom of the inscription. At the same time, the lines became smaller the farther from the brand name they were. The space between the orange lines was white.

1992 – today


The last to date, the redesign, was completed in 1992. The logo was updated by the popular Mexican designer Carlos Villaseñor Musquis. The red-white-orange color palette has remained unchanged, while other elements have succumbed to significant updates. In the first speech, it is worth noting that the verbal inscription has become white. Moreover, all characters were on the same level; the diagonal “x”s were removed. The style of writing letters has also been slightly changed. They were done in upper case. Also, the corners are more rounded, making the “Oxxo” logo more friendly. The wording was placed on a red background. Also, orange horizontal lines appeared at the top and bottom, used as a frame. As a result, the company logo began to look more balanced and stylish.

Font and Colors

OXXO Symbol

The brand name “Oxxo” used a classic bold sans-serif typeface. It looks organic to other logo elements and inspires trust among potential buyers.

The red-white-orange color scheme looks fresh and positive. The company decided not to go in cycles only in bright colors. The business style allows customers to feel the seriousness and purpose of “Oxxo.” For example, red is associated with passion and strength.

OXXO color codes

MarigoldHex color:#eea52d
RGB:238 165 45
CMYK:0 31 81 7
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Pigment RedHex color:#ed1c24
RGB:237 28 36
CMYK:0 88 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C