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The logo of Pakistan International Airlines is closely tied to the culture of the country it represents. Despite its simplicity, it is unique and original. The emblem reflects the airline’s seriousness, reliability, and high competitiveness.

Pakistan International Airlines: Brand overview

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan’s national airline, was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Karachi. It offers scheduled services to over 25 local airports and 30 international destinations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

PIA’s primary hubs are Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, and Islamabad International Airport. The partially state-owned airline has a fleet of approximately 40 aircraft, including A320s, 777s, and ATRs.

In the 1960s and 1970s, PIA was recognized as one of Asia’s top airlines but has declined mainly due to administrative missteps. These complications have resulted in substantial financial losses in recent decades, prompting repeated restructuring and privatization attempts to salvage the company’s situation.

Currently, PIA transports over 4 million passengers yearly. However, an increase in domestic competition has significantly reduced its market share. The airline provides passenger and cargo transport and ground handling services. It also operates in the engineering and catering sectors.

While PIA is not a member of any significant airline alliance, it has codeshare agreements with various airlines. The airline is known for its unique livery, which features the Pakistani national flag on the tail of its aircraft. Upholding its motto, “Great People to Fly With,” PIA aims to provide passengers with a comfortable and pleasant flying experience.

Meaning and History

2000 – 2015

Pakistan International Airlines Logo 2000

The logo is imbued with authenticity to showcase the country of origin of the company it represents in the international aviation services market. Its uniqueness is expressed in a single element – the top inscription, written in Urdu, whose script is a modification of Persian script. The name in the original language consists of several curvy lines and is read from right to left. The wide, wave-like glyphs resemble Eastern ornamentation, highlighting the emblem’s vibrant character and the airline’s unique nature.

Next to it is the English version of the name, placed in line with the Urdu inscription. This positioning underscores the importance of both versions, as Pakistan has two official languages: Urdu and English. The company demonstrates authenticity and its direct connection to the international aviation industry through this. The word “PIA” is written in uppercase to affirm its high status and significant importance to the population.

The antique letters are adorned with small serifs in the form of slight extensions at the ends. These add dynamism and energy to the emblem, making it more lively, conceptual, and interesting. The glyphs are classical because they represent the abbreviation—the carrier’s shortened name. Therefore, good recognizability is crucial.

In contrast, the bottom line is in small, sans-serif type. The grotesque letters are straight, smooth, and lowercase (except for the initial uppercase letters). To ensure they visually impact travelers, designers colored them black. This makes the second line distinctly visible, even with its small glyphs. Pakistan International Airlines’ logo indicates the ease of using its services—it adapts to passenger needs and provides them with maximum comfort.

The green color harmonizes the identity and emphasizes the brand’s uniqueness. First, it plays an important role in the Arab world and is considered sacred, appearing on the national flags of most Eastern countries. Second, this color symbolizes growth, freedom, and the land. The emblem conveys the carrier’s core values, highlighting respect for culture, safety, quality, and comfort.

2015 – 2018

Pakistan International Airlines Logo 2015

The logo from this period features a visually smooth texture: all glyphs are light, with slightly rounded sides, especially at the serif transitions, which seem like a natural extension of the vertical strokes. This fluidity adds softness to the Pakistan International Airlines logo, evoking a sense of security and creating a positive impression of the brand.

The rounded Latin font is designed to harmonize with the Arabic symbols, ensuring they form a cohesive whole. This approach respects the equal importance of both languages in Pakistan, where Urdu and English are official languages. This influenced the dual versions of the airline’s name in the logo. To distinguish them, designers used different colors for each version:

  • Light olive (Urdu inscription)
  • Dark green (English text)

While the shapes of both parts are perfectly adapted to each other, their colors are distinct. This enhances readability, as passengers immediately recognize the segment of the name they understand, and maintains authenticity by emphasizing linguistic identity. This benefits the international airline, showcasing its versatility and extensive coverage of global destinations.

At the bottom, the slogan “Great People to Fly With” is written in small italic font, conveying the carrier’s concept: to provide top-quality services, ensure flight safety, and maintain a positive brand experience. The word “Fly” is underlined, highlighting air travel and encouraging the desire for it.

The top line features the single word “Pakistan” in uppercase letters, expressing pride in the country and its cultural heritage, indicating the region it represents. Combined with the Arabic symbols, this fills the emblem with uniqueness and authenticity.

2018 – 2019

Pakistan International Airlines Logo 2018

To affirm its connection to the sky, the Pakistani airline replaced the green color in its emblem with blue. This change highlights its high professionalism and commitment to providing travelers unparalleled comfort. Therefore, the iconic color of Pakistani ideology has temporarily stepped aside. The logo underwent several other changes:

  • Grotesque typeface
  • Gradient
  • Three levels

In the English version of the name, the antique style was replaced by a grotesque typeface. This new typeface is original, appearing flexible as if the letters were in motion. Curved bars and arched stems achieve this effect, making the glyphs seem dynamic when the head is turned. Another interesting feature is the sharp lines protruding upwards, adding internal energy to the inscription and imitating serifs.

The new blue color is not uniform – it has brightness transitions, ranging from sky blue to rich cobalt. These color variations showcase the airline’s ability to adapt to changes and smoothly navigate challenges, providing passengers with excellent flight conditions.

The name now occupies three lines, with one word per line. This structure adds expressiveness to the logo and improves text readability, presenting the airline as confident and competitive. It creates an effect of solid fortification, as all letters are uniform in size, matching in both width and height. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to ensuring complete safety for passengers.

Although the Arabic symbol remains in its original position, it has undergone significant changes. Notably, it has partially retained the iconic color of Asian nations – green. At the same time, it features a wide range of shades, illustrating the airline’s vast possibilities.

2019 – today

Pakistan International Airlines Logo

The Pakistani airline decided to bring back one of its old logos that best reflects its worldview and authenticity. The green color of the inscriptions is highly revered in the East. It is considered a sign of special distinction – sacred, symbolizing full life, renewing nature, rejuvenating energy, and a blessed oasis. It represents youth, growth, abundance, and aspiration, which the company exhibits at every stage of its development.

The elegant typeface affirms the connection to authenticity, harmonizing well with the nearby Arabic script. Both feature waves, rounded shapes, smooth transitions, and curving lines. The key feature of the emblem is the use of three different font types:

  • Uppercase grotesque (top line)
  • Lowercase grotesque (middle row)
  • Lowercase antique (bottom inscription)

This format adds dynamism to the logo, making it lively and energetic. It conveys the idea of the company’s continuous operation and its commitment to progress. The Pakistani airline’s slogan at the bottom reinforces the concept of constant forward movement and primary concern for passengers.

The logo of Pakistan International Airlines fully meets the brand’s requirements and successfully represents it in the international aviation market. Its authentic business style makes it unobtrusive and gentle, promoting the idea of comprehensive comfort for travelers worldwide. The light stroke at the bottom sets passengers up for a serene flight in the pleasant company of professionals.