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The Pakistan News logo has undergone several changes before acquiring its modern and business-like appearance, which aligns with the professional style. It embodies the basic characteristics of the service: minimalism, practicality, and accuracy. Behind its simple appearance lies a vast world in all its manifestations, timely highlighted by the news website.

Pakistan News: Brand overview

Pakistan News (more accurately, Pakistan News.Net) is a web resource that publishes regional, national, and global news. Additionally, journalists offer financial analysis, business stories, and the latest currency exchange rates. The site also covers weather, politics, and sports and operates thematic RSS feeds. The electronic news service has been operating since 1999. Its owner is Big News Network FZ LLC, which is registered in the UAE but associated with Australia. The portal is administered by the British group Mainstream Media Ltd. The head office is located in Dubai.

Meaning and History

Pakistan News Logo History

The full name of the service – Pakistan News.Net – prominently features in the logo of the news portal, eloquently representing the brand. Initially, the emblem was purely textual, but later, it incorporated a graphic symbol that harmoniously complements the inscription. Additionally, the news agency has another symbol used separately from the main logo. This symbol serves as an indicator for RSS feeds and individual applications.

What is Pakistan News?

Pakistan News is part of the international news service with the extension It is an internet portal that covers regional, state, and global events. It mainly focuses on finance, currency, politics, sports, business, culture, weather, and thematic RSS channels. The site was launched in 1999 by Big News Network FZ LLC but is administered by the British group Mainstream Media Ltd. The headquarters are located in Dubai (UAE).

1999 – 2001

The brand emerged at the end of the 20th century to cover international, regional, and domestic events from Pakistan. It offers the latest news about what’s happening in the country and the world. The service pays special attention to business, finance, currency, politics, sports, and weather.

2001 – 2004

Pakistan News.Net Logo 2001

Since it’s an internet portal, designers chose an electronic-style logo for it with a domain name and individual link. The first line is occupied by the phrase “Pakistan News.Net,” written in uppercase with emphasized initial letters, making them larger than the rest. The domain name, however, has glyphs of the same size. Long horizontal gray lines serve as the background for the inscription. The second row contains the website link, typed in a small serif font. The letters, though thin, are white, allowing them to stand out clearly on a black stripe.

2004 – 2012

Pakistan News.Net Logo 2004

As a result of a redesign, the Pakistan News.Net logo completely changed its structure, turning it into a modern sign with an authentic design. The role of the original accent was taken by an orange-yellow color reminiscent of scorched sands or the land of the Asian region. The inscription occupies two levels. The first line indicates the country from which the news originates, and the second is the address of the website where they are posted. The fonts are different: the upper part is typed in tall uppercase glyphs, and the lower part is in wide lowercase letters. They are united by color: black in both cases. The text is surrounded on one side by a boomerang-shaped stripe with a sharp end.

2012 – today

Pakistan News Logo

After modernization, a contemporary logo for Pakistan News appeared, harmoniously combining graphics and text. At the top is a circular symbol with “P” inside – the first letter of the name of the news service and the country where it operates. The glyph is painted in light green and complemented by shadows, turning it into a 3D object. The middle element is the word “Pakistan,” in olive, bold, and large, with slight shadows. The third part is the phrase “News.Net,” typed in semi-bold uppercase letters with a rightward slant.


Pakistan News Icon Logo

There is also a miniature sign that echoes the main logo’s color. Essentially, it is an icon used by Pakistan News on thematic channels and feeds. It is also present in the news resource’s application.

The square is painted in two colors, white and green, taken from the national flag. The five-pointed star and crescent, also taken from the flag, were adopted as national symbols of Pakistan in 1947 after the country declared independence from the British Empire. However, these images are not new – they are very old, dating back to 1906, when the All-India Muslim League (AIML), which also had the star and crescent on its flag, was formed. They symbolize progress, development, light, and knowledge.

The major part of the symbol is occupied by the two-level inscription “Pak News.” This is an abbreviation of the main name of the web resource, allowing both lines to fit compactly within the inner space without reducing the text’s readability. The letters are predominantly lowercase (except for the first ones), semi-bold, and antiquated.

Font and Colors

Pakistan News Emblem

Different fonts are used in all versions of the Pakistan News logo. In the earliest version, they are antiquated, while in the later ones, they are grotesque. The color, weight, and width of the letters also vary. Special attention is paid to the palette: it fully echoes the state symbolism. Green is often used – the color of Islam, as Pakistan is known to be an Islamic republic. It is complemented by white – the color of purity since the country’s name translates from Persian as “land of the pure.”

Pakistan News Symbol