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The Panavision logo is simple and strict, with straight geometric shapes. The emblem resembles a movie camera lens capturing historical events along the manufacturer’s path of growth and advancement.

Panavision: Brand overview

Founder:Robert Gottschalk, Richard Moore
Los Angeles, United States

Panavision is an American conglomerate that produces a variety of filmmaking equipment, which it sells and rents. The catalog has around 2,000 products. It has 30 offices worldwide and is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Meaning and History

Panavision Logo History

Since its founding, the company has maintained consistency in its visual identity style, indicating a single direction in production. The emblem appeared at the time of Panavision’s founding and changed with the corporation’s reorganization and updating of its goals and attitudes in the new millennium. All style elements point to the film industry and related products.

What is Panavision?

An American manufacturer of 2,000 types of lenses, filters for them, lighting equipment, and other filmmaking equipment. Well-known film studios use its services. The manufacturer has around 60 patents for inventions in its field. About 1,500 employees are involved in the production of the company’s products.

1953 – 2022

Panavision Logo 1953

The brand’s first logo directly and accurately demonstrates the direction of work. Several rectangles, nested within each other, symbolize screens of different sizes. The company began by producing anamorphic lenses for cinema and video. Their feature was in changing the image size as if stretching the frame. Later, when viewing on the screen, a special projector lens performed the opposite action, returning the film’s captured image to its normal form. This technique helped to widen the viewing angle and capture more information in the frame.

The several screens on the emblem demonstrated the process of changing sizes and indicated a wide view. The central figure had convex walls reminiscent of a television cathode ray tube and a movie camera.

The brand’s first lens, the Super Panatar, had a rectangular shape and, like a box, was attached to the lens. By adjusting one projector, it was possible to play films of different formats. This is also indicated by the three sizes of shapes in the logo.

The design also hints at the process of modification. Panavision products were rented for a long time rather than sold, allowing the company to modify its products as the film industry evolved.

At the center of the composition, the inscription “Panavision” was placed above all the rectangles. The name is formed from two words: “panoramic” and “vision.” The letter P is additionally designed in the form of a frame or screen, enhancing associations with video.

The forward slant of the letters demonstrates a desire to keep pace with the times and implement modern technologies.

2022 – today

Panavision Logo

In the modern logo, the geometric shapes have been removed, leaving only the inscription. Over the years, technologies have changed. Although Panavision still produces cameras and lenses, they do not operate on the same principles as the first ones. Therefore, the need for three screens of different sizes has disappeared. Associations with cinema are preserved only through the modified letter P. The symbol resembles a fish icon, as the company’s visionary founder, Robert Gottschalk, began working with cameras for underwater photography.

Font and Colors

The black color of the logo is associated with dark film negatives and the predominant color of plastic camera bodies. The contrast of black and white embodies style, artistic taste, and elegance.

The inscription’s font is unique due to the transformation of the P’s head into a square with a long glyph extending beyond the letter’s limits. The sharp elements of the inscription hint at image sharpness and detail, thanks to the company’s technologies.

Panavision color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C