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“Fear nothing, dogs are on guard of order and tranquility!” says the PAW Patrol logo. The emblem has a lot of magic, courage, and dog loyalty. Patrol is a real shield from dangers and problems. And a worthy reward for patrolmen is sugar bones.

PAW Patrol: Brand overview

Founded:August 12, 2013 – present
Founder:Scott Kraft
PAW Patrol is a Canadian television series for children that has become a franchise due to its popularity. It is presented in the format of computer animation with memorable characters and animals. It was created by Keith Chapman and developed by Scott Kraft. Spin Master Entertainment released the cartoon with animation from Guru Studio. The show debuted in the United States in 2013 on Nickelodeon. In Canada, it is shown on the TVOKids channel. It also appeared there for the first time as an advertising announcement and has been broadcast regularly since then.

Meaning and History

PAW Patrol Logo History

The storyline centers around a boy named Ryder. He leads the PAW Patrol search and rescue team of dogs. This group is on a mission to protect the Adventure Bay community and all surrounding areas. Each four-legged character lives in his booth, which turns into a car. They also have backpacks where the necessary tools are collected because all the puppies are busy with a certain task. So, they have the skills to work as an air pilot, police officer, firefighter, and other emergency workers. That is, each dog has its task.

At first, the main characters were realistic, and their appearance and color corresponded to the breed they represent. Then the artists made them cartoonish and simple. They adopted Ryder’s hairstyle from Ronnen Harary. But in general, the concept of the television series is unique. It does not repeat the previously existing programs: it originated from a toy transformer truck developed by the co-founder of Spin Master in 2010. Later, the channel requested a continuation of the toy programs, and Keith Chapman submitted an idea for a project with the PAW Patrol team. Then she bore the temporary name Raffi & the Rescue Dogs. After implementing the concept on the TV screen, the company immediately began to manufacture children’s goods.

In parallel, the show’s scriptwriter Scott Kraft and director Jamie Whitney finalized the plot: they expanded it, abandoning the topic of helping a dog. The creators have made puppies lifeguards for everyone. Moreover, the authors could not find a name for the main character for a long time, so it was first constantly changing: his name was either Raffi, then Roddy, or Robbie. When the Ryder variant appeared, the search stopped. A similar thing happened with the emblem. In thinking over the concept, an interim version was adopted, but later it was improved and approved.

At the beginning of 2020, the television project had eight seasons with 26 half-hour episodes. And in 2021, a message appeared that shooting season 9 began. There is also a full-length film, the release of which is scheduled for the end of the summer of 2021, a line of toys of the same name, video games, DVD releases, and various film adaptations. The original show and all related products have won multiple awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

2012 – 2013

Ryder's P.A.W. Patrol Logo 2012-2013

The prototype logo looked a little different than the modern emblem. It consisted of a triangle with its narrow end upside down. Its corners were rounded, and a small gray rectangle served as a background. The inscription “Ryder’s P.A.W. Patrol” occupied the central part, divided into three lines. Above, in a silvery curved band, was the word, Ryder. In the middle, it was designated “P.A.W.” in large letters, where the “W” looked like an inverted number “3”. At the bottom of the bone was the inscription “Patrol.” Each part of the name had its color: white, blue, and white with a blue border. The font was capitalized, smooth, rounded.

2013 – today

PAW Patrol Logo 2013-present

The telecast adopted the final logo after the studio decided on the concept, characters, and script. The design elements have remained in the same places, but their configuration and design have changed. So, the triangle has become a shield, military or law enforcement, such as is used in the logos of power structures. It has a silver border with a blue frame and an inner border that highlights another shield – the inner one, red.

They bear the word “PAW,” but in a different image – without dots after each letter, in blue and a yellow line along the edge. The center lumen “A” is formed by the footprint of the dog’s paw. Three pads “imprinted” on the sign form its crossbar. The developers left the bone placed below but made it curved in the form of a half-arc. It contains the words “Patrol” in a serif typeface. The word “Ryder’s” disappeared because the authors abbreviated the title of the children’s TV show.

Font and Colors

PAW Patrol Emblem

The current logo exists in three versions, each of which is used for a specific purpose. They are identical in configuration, elements, and content. The only difference between them is style. So, there are two color emblems (three-dimensional and flat) and one monochrome (black and white).

For the word “PAW,” the designers have chosen the font of their design, so it is individual. However, some similarities can be traced to comic typefaces such as Grobold and Minnie. But the inscription “Patrol” has a different style – austere, with serifs. This font is close to the Aachen version created by Alan Meeks. When adapting the emblem for other countries where this program is shown, the inscriptions are issued in other languages, but the design is exactly preserved. Therefore, the fonts may still differ slightly.

PAW Patrol Symbol

The brand range is very bright and varied. It consists of flowers that attract the viewer’s attention, which is incredibly important for a children’s audience. The scheme includes red, blue, yellow, white, silver. In the monochrome version, the logo is colored only in white and black.

PAW Patrol color codes

Safety RedHex color:#bd221f
RGB:189 34 31
CMYK:0 82 84 26
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#099eda
RGB:9 158 218
CMYK:96 28 0 15
Pantone:PMS 801 C
Golden YellowHex color:#fee301
RGB:254 227 1
CMYK:0 11 100 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Pastel BlueHex color:#abb7bd
RGB:171 183 189
CMYK:10 3 0 26
Pantone:PMS 7542 C