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The Peach Aviation logo embodies the best aspects of Japanese design: boldness, creativity, originality, and brightness. It invites new adventures with the budget airline, which serves several dozen routes.

Peach Aviation: Brand overview

Peach Aviation is a Japanese budget airline headquartered at Kansai International Airport in Osaka. It was created in 2011 as a collaborative initiative between ANA Holdings and the Hong Kong-based First Eastern Investment Group.

Operating exclusively with Airbus aircraft, specifically the A320 and A321 models, Peach Aviation boasts a fleet of more than 30 aircraft. Its network includes flights within Japan, as well as to South Korea, China, Taiwan, and various Southeast Asian countries, primarily from its central hubs in Osaka and Tokyo.

The airline’s service model revolves around affordability and simplicity, with fare structures that allow passengers to pay for additional services as needed. It caters primarily to leisure and budget-conscious travelers, offering inexpensive base fares for flights that average less than three hours.

Additional in-flight amenities, such as meals, snacks, seat selection, checked baggage, and priority boarding, are available for an extra fee. The airline also has codeshare agreements with several Oneworld airlines, including Finnair, Qatar Airways, and Royal Jordanian.

Peach Aviation is Japan’s first low-cost carrier. Despite competition from Vanilla Air and Jetstar Japan, it continues to grow its market share. The airline’s accomplishments have been recognized with various awards, including being named the Best Low-Cost Airline in Asia by

Meaning and History

Peach Aviation Logo History

What is Peach Aviation?

This is a Japanese budget airline based at Kansai Airport. It offers affordable flights to popular destinations within Japan and select cities in East Asia. The company operates a modern, standardized fleet of Airbus A320 narrow-body aircraft configured for efficient and economical operations.

2011 – today

Peach Aviation Logo

Peach Aviation initially targeted women, so the company chose a welcoming name and adopted an attractive purple logo. Its friendly design evokes positive emotions, encouraging travelers to fly with this budget carrier. Although the brand offers low fares, the purple color of the emblem suggests luxury and prestige. In aviation, it symbolizes the comfort the company guarantees all its customers.

The logo plays on the airline’s name: most letters are round, resembling peaches. The brand’s identity revolves around this fruit, traditionally associated with hospitality and longevity in Asian countries.

The shape of the letters resembles both a peach and a roundabout. While a traffic circle isn’t related to air transport, it still suggests movement and speed. Roads symbolize a passion for travel and remind passengers that with Peach Aviation, all paths are open to them.

The letter “p” mimics the shape of a loop-the-loop, an aerobatic maneuver long thought impossible to perform. The airline included it in its logo as a nod to its pilots’ high professionalism, precision, punctuality, and skillful aircraft handling.

Many letters feature cut-out holes, giving the logo a light and airy feel. This makes the word “peach” appear weightless and, combined with the purple color, makes the company widely recognizable. This style conveys a sense of unlimited freedom, open space, and swift movement, emphasizing the brand’s connection to the aviation industry.

Font and Colors

The Peach Aviation logo creates a vibrant and memorable brand identity. The word “Peach” is in bold, lowercase letters, giving the logo simplicity and accessibility. The geometric, clean lines of the font add a modern, minimalist look that matches the company’s innovative approach to air travel.

The bright purple color of the logo conveys energy, creativity, and innovation, which are key company values. Purple is associated with luxury, quality, and excellence, highlighting Peach Aviation’s dedication to superior service and comfort.

The font and color together make the brand easily recognizable and appealing. The bold lowercase letters suggest approachability and friendliness, making the brand relatable and welcoming. The geometric precision of the font adds a sense of order and reliability, building customer trust.

The vibrant purple stands out and adds sophistication and elegance to the logo. This reflects the airline’s commitment to innovation and quality. The purple also evokes creativity and forward-thinking, aligning with the brand’s mission to revolutionize air travel.

The minimalist design of the logo ensures versatility and adaptability across various platforms, from digital to physical signage.