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The Peach Aviation logo is a bright and distinctive emblem that immediately catches the eye. The symbol includes the word “peach” in bold lowercase letters that take center stage on the logo.

The rich purple color of the logo symbolizes the energy, creativity, and innovation that is Peach Aviation’s core value. The company is committed to providing its customers with a high-quality travel experience with cutting-edge technology and amenities.

The bright and memorable design of the symbol allows Peach Aviation to stand out in the airline market, attract new customers and strengthen the bond with existing passengers.

Peach Aviation’s emblem reflects the company’s values and advantages, uniqueness, and innovative air travel approach. The bold and modern style of the brand identity emphasizes the young and dynamic nature of the brand, creating an association with enjoyable and relaxed travel. The brand’s visual identity becomes easily recognizable and unforgettable for travelers worldwide.

Peach Aviation: Brand overview

Founded: 10 February 2011
Founder: All Nippon Airways
Tajiri, Osaka, Japan

Meaning and History

Peach Aviation Logo History

Font and Colors

The Peach Aviation logo font plays an important role in creating a vibrant and memorable visual brand identity. “Peach” is written in bold lowercase letters, which gives the logo simplicity and accessibility. The geometric and clean lines of the font create a modern and minimalist look that matches the company’s innovative approach to air travel.

The logo’s color also plays an essential role in its visual perception. The bright purple color was chosen for the Peach Aviation symbol to reflect the energy, creativity, and innovation that are the company’s core values. The color purple is associated with luxury, quality, and excellence, highlighting Peach Aviation’s commitment to providing passengers with superior service and comfort.

The font and color of the Peach Aviation logo are closely tied to the overall brand image and values, making it easily recognizable and appealing to travelers worldwide.

Peach Aviation color codes

Vivid Violet Hex color: #9b308c
RGB: 155 48 140
CMYK: 0 69 10 39
Pantone: PMS 513 C