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Pelikan: Brand overview

The renowned German company Pelikan has a long history of producing high-quality stationery and is especially known for its high-end fountain pens. The company was founded in 1838 when chemist Karl Hornemann established an ink and paint factory in Hanover, Germany.

Over the years, Pelikan has produced several iconic pens, such as the Pelikan 100 “Liliput” introduced in 1905 and the Pelikan 400 “Tortoiseshell Brown” launched in 1933. Although Pelikan’s high-end pens take center stage, the company’s extensive product line includes drawing inks, markers, art supplies, office accessories, and printers.

A pioneer in their field, Pelikan has created ink formulas with easy flow and innovative fountain pen designs with different nibs and unique refill mechanisms. Among their achievements is the piston refill mechanism, introduced in 1929, a revolutionary invention that allows pens to be refilled directly from the ink bottle.

Pelikan is headquartered in Germany, with major manufacturing facilities located in the country and Switzerland. The company operates both domestically and internationally: Pelikan writing instruments are exported to more than 120 countries worldwide.

The Pelikan logo, depicting a flying pelican, is one of Germany’s oldest trademarks, dating back to 1878. Despite its extensive growth and global presence, Pelikan remains a family-owned company under the leadership of Chairman of the Board Simone Greiner-Hornemann.

In the competitive field of stationery and writing instruments, Pelikan faces rivals such as Montblanc. Nevertheless, Pelikan’s writing instruments still symbolize the quintessence of German craftsmanship, combining high-end design and engineering.

Meaning and History

Pelikan Logo History

What is Pelikan?

Pelikan Holding AG, a recognized pioneer in the German manufacturing sector, has been around for over 180 years. It is this company that is credited with the development of the innovative differential piston fountain pen refilling system. Founded on April 28, 1838, by Carl Hornemann in Hanover, Pelikan has always been a leader in the development and production of efficient and convenient office, writing, and art tools.

1878 – 1896

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2003 – today

Pelikan Logo

The Pelikan emblem appeared in 1863 when Günter Wagner joined the company. It was he who created the famous bird symbol, inspired by his own family crest. In the past, the number of birds in the nest corresponded to the number of Gunther’s own children. But these little birds were hard to spot, so in the current version, there is only one chick. This lonely chick symbolizes care and love, so the company produces really good stationery. The brand name is written in bold italics and resembles stylish handwriting.

The lone chick in the logo says that each company product is given special attention. And the handwritten font makes you feel like you’re about to write something awesome.

Pelikan color codes

Dark Navy BlueHex color:#000066
RGB:0 0 102
CMYK:100 100 0 60
Pantone:PMS 2745 C