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The Pelismaraton logo invites you to watch movies – alone, with family or friends. The emblem creates a cozy atmosphere, like in a real cinema hall with a large screen and a lot of spectators, when the premiere of the long-awaited blockbuster is about to begin.

Pelismaraton: Brand overview

Pelismaraton is a full-fledged video resource with a large number of films, cartoons, and TV shows. It makes their viewing available and completely free. At the same time, the site does not store media files on its servers but takes them from open sources. It is a kind of video content aggregator that is ungrouped into sections. The collection is updated daily with fresh TV series episodes and sensational new movies.

Meaning and History

Pelismaraton Logo History

If you have to pay for movies in a regular online cinema, then in Pelismaraton you can watch them for free. Unlike video services that work legally, it does not cooperate with film companies but takes content from third-party web resources. Therefore, his catalog is diverse, extensive, and unlimited. The list of movies and cartoons is constantly growing, and it is replenished with both cult classics and long-awaited novelties. It is noteworthy that registration is not required to view the video.

Each film is available in several versions of the Spanish dubbing and the original language with subtitles. There is a choice of several quality options, including HD. In terms of navigation, the main page of the virtual cinema contains sections with the latest episodes of the series and recently uploaded movies, TV shows, and anime. If desired, you can sort content by year, genre, and several views.

What is Pelismaraton?

Pelismaraton is a free online cinema with hundreds of cult films, cartoons, anime, series, and TV shows. All entertainment content is intended for native Spanish speakers. The catalog constantly contains the latest cinema novelties, which can be viewed directly on the website.

Of course, the main decoration of the Pelismaraton website is its logo, which is used as a banner leading to the home page. It traditionally consists of two components: a wordmark and a hand-drawn emblem. The left side is occupied by a stylized image of a film projector. Judging by the structure, this is an old-style apparatus because it is equipped with two round bobbins. At the same time, its central part resembles a button for playing video files, which indicates the desire for modern technologies.

From the film projector to the right side stretches a horizontal strip, similar to an unrolled film. It serves as the basis for the inscription “Pelismaraton,” divided into two color blocks: the first five letters in the brand name are white, and all the rest are orange. This is the only striking element of the logo. The font has pronounced serifs and is distinguished by the contrasting thickness of the main and additional strokes.

The image of a film projector creates a cozy atmosphere: site visitors are mentally transported to the cinema hall, which is filled with spectators waiting for the movie to begin. Moreover, the antiquity of the device is combined with modern technologies because the designers combined two reels and a traditional video start button in media players. The emblem represents Pelismaraton as a complete online cinema for watching movies, cartoons, TV shows, and series.

Font and Colors

Pelismaraton Symbol

Several fonts are partly similar to the serif used in the Pelismaraton logo. Among them is Stratford Serial Medium Regular by SoftMaker, Core Serif N 65 Heavy by S-Core, and Garvis Pro SemiBold by JTD. They are united by the presence of long wide serifs and high contrast.

The color of the word mark is not uniform: one part of the inscription is white, and the other is bright orange. At the same time, the image of the film projector and the film strip is predominantly white; only a dark background is visible through the “gaps.”

Pelismaraton color codes

Bright YellowHex color:#fbb128
RGB:251 177 40
CMYK:0 29 84 2
Pantone:PMS 137 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C