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The People logo soars majestically in the sky. The emblem reflects the changing content from issue to issue and includes articles about famous people and reliable news. Every reader will find something interesting for themselves.

People: Brand overview

Founded:March 4, 1974
Founder:Dotdash Meredith
United States

People is a popular American magazine, ranking second in the country in terms of reader audience size. It is published by Dotdash Meredith media company with a weekly circulation of 3.5 million copies. The People logo also adorns the annual edition.

The first issue of the magazine was released in 1974. The idea and financial support belong to Time Inc. The magazine’s development received a $40 million investment. Now, there are print and digital versions of the weekly publication. Offices are located in Los Angeles, London, and New York. The current editor-in-chief is Wendy Naugle.

Meaning and History

People Logo History

Even though the magazine has been published every week for almost 50 years, the People logo remains almost unchanged. This is due to the successful choice of the visual sign, which, while maintaining the overall image, can regularly update and play with new shades.

What is People?

People is a popular magazine about celebrities and show business news, which publishes annual ratings in various nominations related to beauty, fashion, and sexuality.

1974 – today

People Logo

From 1974 to the present, the People magazine logo has been characterized by its simplicity. It features the word “People” with hollow letters outlined by a pink line. All elements are interconnected and merged, forming the overall outline of the word.

The magazine emblem carries a serious philosophical message, appealing to thinking, educated, and intellectually developed people:

Famous personalities are perceived by us only from the outside, and fans can see only their external appearance. The magazine’s task is to show the inner world of a celebrity. However, it should be understood that it is impossible to convey the fullness of a person’s inner world on the pages of a publication, and the magazine provides only a certain perspective, an excerpt.

Beautiful clothes, wealth, and a popular profession do not make a person worthy or happy. This is just an external shell that does not guarantee rich inner content. Therefore, the magazine invites readers to think about what exactly is inside each of us, as this is truly important.

Regardless of external events, one should strive for tranquility, serenity, and inner peace. The magazine’s publications are designed to delight readers, provide pleasure, and create a positive mood.

People Symbol

The white void inside the logo’s letters poses the question: “What will fill your day? Your life?”. The magazine provides enough information to fill this void and put the reader in the thick of events. However, it also inspires changes in one’s life, the search for interesting activities or goals.

Every day something new happens, and what will appear on the pages of the next issue of People magazine remains a mystery. The magazine’s logo supports the intrigue and invites you to look into the next issue.

The logo letters merge, having common areas. This symbolizes the unity of people and their interdependence. Celebrities need fans and connoisseurs of their work, while fans seek idols and role models. Society is a single conglomerate of people, and People magazine is created for everyone and about everyone.

Font and Colors

People Emblem

The most commonly used colors for the outline are blue and pink (raspberry). These shades symbolize gender affiliation, emphasizing the magazine’s loyalty and equal attention to celebrities of both sexes. Blue – a symbol of dreams and skies, indicates that the stars have reached unprecedented heights. This option makes the inscription resemble a soaring cloud, reminding us that only the chosen ones make it onto the pages of the publication. The raspberry shade expresses universal love and recognition.

The logo’s font is unique, with special elements that unite the letters.

People color codes

Deep CeriseHex color:#ec038b
RGB:236 3 139
CMYK:0 99 41 7
Pantone:PMS 806 C