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Perimeter Aviation’s logo is distinctive, representing a local airline that operates within two provinces of Canada. The emblem features an oval ring symbolizing unity and stability. The slightly tilted ellipse also conveys innovation, forward momentum, and dynamism. It’s positioned in the background but stands out due to its orange color. The foreground is occupied by a gray inscription – the brand name, divided into two lines. Both words are right-aligned and written in bold, but “PERIMETER” is considerably larger than “AVIATION.”

Oval Ring:

  • Design Features: The oval ring stands prominently, tilted, and colored orange.
  • Meaning and Implication: It serves as a metaphor for unity, stability, continuous improvement, and the company’s commitment to bridging different regions.

Tilted Ellipse:

  • Design Features: The slightly inclined position of the oval.
  • Meaning and Implication: This subtle inclination signifies innovation, forward momentum, and an attitude of continually striving for excellence.

Orange Color of the Ellipse:

  • Design Features: The use of orange for the oval shape.
  • Meaning and Implication: Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and energy. It reflects the airline’s vibrant character and dedication to service.

Two-Line Brand Inscription:

  • Design Features: The brand name is separated into two lines, with the right alignment and varying sizes.
  • Meaning and Implication: The division emphasizes the importance of both elements of the name, reflecting the core identity and focus of the airline.

Gray Inscription:

  • Design Features: The choice of gray for the brand name.
  • Meaning and Implication: Gray is associated with professionalism, neutrality, and balance. It complements the bold orange, ensuring readability and sophistication.

Difference in Font Size between “PERIMETER” and “AVIATION”:

  • Design Features: “PERIMETER” is written much larger than “AVIATION.”
  • Meaning and Implication: The variance in size emphasizes the importance of the local area served (the perimeter) and reinforces the airline’s commitment to its specific regions.

Emphasis on Local Service:

  • Design Features: The overall design reflects local connectivity.
  • Meaning and Implication: As a local airline, the logo’s elements collectively symbolize the brand’s devotion to serving two specific provinces, representing local pride and commitment.

Combination of Modernity and Tradition:

  • Design Features: The integration of modern design with traditional symbols.
  • Meaning and Implication: The combination represents innovative services with rooted values and cultural connections.

Strategic Alignment with Brand Values:

  • Design Features: The carefully chosen shapes, colors, and fonts.
  • Meaning and Implication: Each logo element aligns with the company’s mission, values, and vision, creating a strong visual representation of the brand.

Conclusion and Overview:

  • Symbolic Representation: The logo of Perimeter Aviation is a rich amalgamation of symbols, colors, and typography, encapsulating key attributes of unity, innovation, local focus, and professional service.
  • Brand Resonance: The visual elements work in harmony to communicate the airline’s philosophy, resonating well with the local population and emphasizing the brand’s strong connection to the communities it serves.

Perimeter Aviation: Brand overview

Founded: 1960
Founder: Exchange Income Corporation
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Perimeter Aviation, a regional airline based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, started in 1960. The airline initially operated as a provider of charter flights and air taxi services in the northern regions of Canada.

Perimeter Aviation broadened its horizons in the following decades, specifically the 1970s and 1980s, by offering scheduled passenger and cargo services. These flights served isolated industrial and mining sites scattered across northern Manitoba and Nunavut.

The airline evolved in the 1990s when it adopted larger aircraft and added a roster of new destinations in western Canada. During this period, it also set up major operational hubs in Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.

In 2003, the Exchange Income Corporation acquired Perimeter Aviation, paving the way for the airline’s expansion into new domains. Armed with additional capital, Perimeter began offering medical evacuation services and branched into flight training.

In the present day, Perimeter Aviation maintains a diverse fleet comprising turboprop and jet aircraft. The airline offers regular passenger service, charter flights, specialized cargo transport, and medical evacuation services across the length and breadth of Canada.

Despite its evolution, Perimeter Aviation remains committed to its original mission of serving northern Canadian communities with essential air services. In addition to its regional focus, it now offers an expanded range of scheduled flights and charter services across North America.

Perimeter Aviation has operated for over six decades, growing from its humble beginnings as a northern charter airline to becoming a pivotal regional carrier in Canada. Known for its dependability and its commitment to serving remote areas, the airline has successfully adapted to market changes and continues to do so.

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