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The designers made the PetSmart logo bright and friendly to match the cheerful mood of the pets for whom the company produces food, medicine, toys, and various accessories. The logo hints at the restless dogs and aquarium fish, but their association is only associative, without using obvious images.

PetSmart: Brand overview

Founded:August 14, 1986
Founder:Jim Dougherty
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The PetSmart brand represents a private chain of stores that sells everything for keeping pets and even small animals. This company also offers services for the care, accommodation, treatment, and training of dogs and cats. It appeared in 1986 and, by 2020, had over 1,650 outlets in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Its head office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The founders of the brand are Jim and Janice Dougherty.

In the early 1980s, Dougherty merchants decided to open a warehouse-type store to sell pet food. Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation helped them to realize the idea. As a result, two supermarkets appeared in their hometown of Phoenix, where those who wished could buy the necessary goods at wholesale and reduced prices, which was a novelty for that time. The outlets were named PetFood Warehouse. This event is dated 1987.

After 12 months, entrepreneurs founded five more stores, covering services not only in Arizona but also in Colorado and Texas. At the same time, the network owners announced cooperation with representatives of animal protection organizations. Together they raised funds to support them and looked for owners for homeless pets. That is why the simple emblem of this network attracted the attention of many who are not indifferent.

In 1989, the brand changed its name, becoming PetSmart, and embarked on a long-term transition from visually obscure warehouses to attractive supermarkets. In parallel, she concentrated on the overexposure of pets and their treatment. Another major shift in her work occurred in 2005. The company switched to comprehensive dog care, training, and advanced veterinary care to avoid competition.

Meaning and History

PetSmart Logo History

Each stage of change was directly reflected in the visual identity of PetSmart. At first, the brand had a simple, text-only informational logo. Then it became more attractive and attuned to advertising, which became very convenient for a store sign. In the early 2000s, when the chain refocused on animal owners who considered them part of the family, it received a friendly emblem. She has five in total.

What is PetSmart?

PetSmart is an American supermarket chain that sells everything for pet care. Its main directions are assisting in the selection of owners, maintenance, training, and treatment of cats and dogs, as well as selling small animals. The first store was opened in 1986. Its founders are Jim and Janice Dougherty. The headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

1986 – 1988

PetFood Warehouse Logo 1986

The debut logo is a gray rectangle with a black inscription divided into two lines. At the top is the phrase “Pet Food,” and at the bottom – “Warehouse Ltd.”. They share a common style and font. All letters are bold and large, with roundings and miniature serifs. The intercharacter spacing is minimal, so the characters almost touch each other.

1988 – 1989

PetsMart Logo 1988

After the rebrand, the pet food brand owners decided to redesign. As a result, a new inscription appeared on the emblem, consisting of three parts. On the left is the word “Pets.” It is the largest and is made in the grotesque. To the right of it are two lines: at the top, “Mart” is typed, and at the bottom, “Petfoods.” The second word is a fusion of two bases separated in the previous version of the logo. It is placed in a contour bone, usually treated in dogs. The background of all elements is a light gray rectangle.

1989 – 1992

PetsMart Logo 1989

Color has appeared in this logo: red is predominant, and blue is additional. In addition, the designers have shifted the emphasis to writing the name of the chain of stores, using the “PETsMART” option. The basic emphasis is on “s”: it is the smallest in size. Graphically, the size of this letter is played up by the impact of the ball, which, having hit it, flies up. Curved lines convey the trajectory of its flight. The wavy line makes the characters appear to jump, but they are even and smooth. The letters now have right angles, which was not the case before.

1992 – 2005

PetsMart Logo 1992

The ball is still above the “M,” but the “S” it bounced off is slightly larger than in the previous version. This is the only design change.

2005 – today

PetSmart Logo

Now the basis of the logo is a rethought phrase. Now it is ungrouped into parts a little differently than before. The first segment is “Pet”; the second is “Smart.” Each word is indicated by a specific color – blue and red. The separator is also the flight path of the ball, depicted by two curved strokes: its angle is located between “T” and “S.”

Font and Colors

PetSmart Emblem

Until 1989, the inscription in the PetSmart logo was strictly horizontal. Then she got a curve, so she became like an arc. Until 2005, the wave-like form of words was larger; now, it is smaller.

PetSmart Symbol

The current version of the logo uses the Futura ExtraBlack typeface. It was not specially created for this emblem but originated in 1927, the design of Paul Renner. This is a sleek grotesque from the New Frankfurt project. Its geometric shapes have become design elements of the Bauhaus. The corporate palette of the brand consists of two colors: blue and red.

PetSmart color codes

Alizarin CrimsonHex color:#e51837
RGB:229 24 55
CMYK:0 90 76 10
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#0064b1
RGB:0 100 177
CMYK:100 44 0 31
Pantone:PMS 285 C