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Despite the frivolity of the plot, the Planet Express logo is serious. Its business style is completely at odds with the characters who work in the company it represents. And this highlights the quirkiness of the events described in the comedic science fiction animated series Futurama.

Planet Express: Brand overview

Founder:Hubert J. Farnsworth
New New York, United States
Planet Express is an interplanetary and intergalactic delivery service in the famous animated series Futurama, created by writer, animator, and cartoonist Matt Groening. The company holds a significant role in the fictional universe since all events revolve around it, and all main characters work in it. According to the author’s concept, the founder and owner of the postal service is the mad Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. He established it in 2961.

Meaning and History

Planet Express Logo History

The comedic series, produced for Fox Broadcasting Company by animator Matt Groening and later revived by Comedy Central, is an independent universe depicting life on future Earth. It replicates it in all details – not only psychological but also social. Therefore, the fictional company in the fantastic world has all the standard attributes – from premises and staff to the name and logo. And it appeared simultaneously with the animated sitcom in 1999 because it was used in the series. Its author was a working group of animator artists.

What is Planet Express?

Planet Express is a fictional company that delivers goods to planets and neighboring galaxies. Its actual creator is Matt Groening, who invented the comedic animated series Futurama, where this service operates. But according to the plot, the postal service was founded by Hubert J. Farnsworth, a professor, and employer for the sitcom’s main characters. The time of the company’s opening is 2961.


Planet Express Old Logo

The Planet Express logo is a classic rondel because, according to the plot, it serves as a sign and stamp. The center is accentuated: painted in dark red, against which a jet rocket is flying. In the cartoon, its prototype is a real spaceship used by the delivery service. It is directed diagonally upwards, painted in two shades of gray, and complemented by a yellow flame indicating movement. The rocket is surrounded on both sides by small black dashes.

Following the central element traditionally comes a wide strip, where designers have placed the name of the fictional company sideways. The light-beige inscription immediately catches the eye against the black background. It is typed in bold Roman font. The serifs, although small, are distinct. Then comes a double border: the inner circle is red, and the outer one is black. Such a frame adds solidity to the emblem and gives the impression that it is real, like in the real world.


Planet Express Logo

The modernized emblem consists of a burgundy circle against which a blue spaceship takes off. In this case, it’s not a specific rocket, but a hypothetical one, as it is depicted schematically without any structural details. It’s outlined by a thin black strip separating it from the other logo’s elements. Three teardrop-shaped stripes with elongated ends painted the same black color has come to replace the burst of yellow flames. They convey the movement of the ship and infuse the sign with energy.

Around it, there’s a wide beige line where the creators of the fantastic cartoon placed the name of the company they invented. The inscription is clear, smooth, and geometric. The bold, chunky font creates a distinct visual picture, making the text visible. In the upper right, the stripe is crossed by a rocket that takes the foreground. The finishing touch of the Planet Express emblem is a black frame.

Font and Colors

In the early version of the logo, designers used a bold grotesque font, close to the typical Times New Roman, but in a cartoonish style – with uneven edges and a “trembling” silhouette. Later came a variant with the Arial Black font, which with a slight correction, resonates perfectly with the free Franklin Gothic Heavy font.

The color scheme of the emblem is very diverse and consists of burgundy, black, blue, gray, beige, and yellow. They were used in the logos of different seasons of the cartoon.

Planet Express color codes

CreamHex color:#faffbd
RGB:250 255 189
CMYK:2 0 26 0
Pantone:PMS Yellow 0131 C
Fluorescent BlueHex color:#7ff6ed
RGB:127 246 237
CMYK:48 0 4 4
Pantone:PMS 333 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Red BrownHex color:#a70d1d
RGB:167 13 29
CMYK:0 92 83 35
Pantone:PMS 1795 C