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Pokemon Logo

Pokemon Logo
Pokemon Logo PNG

Pokemon is a line of media products that include animated series, films, books, board, and computer games. It is associated with a fictional universe where intelligent creatures – Pokemon – live. They are caught by trainers to participate in battles. First, under the Pokemon brand, two video games from the Studio Game Freak were released, and everything else appeared.

Meaning and History

Pokemon Logo History
Evolution of the Pokemon Logo

The media franchise has a recognizable yellow-blue logo. Most fans know its English version, although it has been translated into many other languages. All options are similar to each other. Only the Japanese logo is knocked out of the general series: it differs in both form and color. Trademark and trademark rights belong to Nintendo.

The project was launched in 1995, but Pokemon managed to become famous in a relatively short period. All thanks to the original presentation of the fictional world, which is aimed primarily at children. Given the age of the target audience, there were some elements of visual identification. Indeed, the younger generation pays attention to bright colors and unusual visual images, which means the logo should stand out noticeably.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Pokemon Symbol

The main emblem of the media franchise is the inscription “Pokemon.” It was adopted in 1998 and has become the main distinguishing mark of products. It encoded the name of the brand Pocket Monster, which hints that coaches wear Pokรฉmon in special poke balls.

But no less important are secondary characters depicting numerous characters. This includes old and new fictional creatures (about 802 species in total), including the most famous of them – Pikachu. Also, the main characters are often found: heroes and villains from anime, films, and games.

Pokemon Emblem

The logo font is non-standard – it was developed to order. Then came his fan-made versions of Pokemon Hollow and Pokemon Solid, created by analogy with the original. The brand name is written in yellow symbols with a blue outline. In this case, the word bends like a rainbow.

Different sizes of letters emphasize children’s style. All consonants are in upper case, and vowels are in lower case. Moreover, “o” and “e” come to the fore, partially overlapping “P,” “K,” “M,” and “N.” And they hang over the line, which creates the effect of a jumping text. The game font is characterized by uneven length and width of lines. The intra-letter gaps are small. At “P” and “e,” they have the shape of semicircles, while at “o,” they are completely absent – blue sickle-shaped stripes replace them.

In addition to the primary colors used their shades. Thanks to this, the inscription seems three-dimensional. Moreover, the designers deliberately surrounded the letters with wide frames and made a gradient transition in some places to enhance the 3D effect.