Popular Brands of Taiwanese Whiskey

Popular brands of Taiwanese whiskey

In the years leading up to 2002, Taiwan had a strict rule where only the government could make alcohol, thanks to the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. This changed in 2002, allowing new companies to start making their drinks, including whisky. Taiwanese whisky started turning heads in 2011 when it won against some famous whiskies from Scotland and England during a competition in Scotland. Then, in 2015, a Taiwanese whisky called Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique won a big award and was named the best single malt in the world. This success encouraged the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation to make whisky again with their Omar brand.

What’s interesting about Taiwanese whisky is that it doesn’t stick to one way of making it. Since it’s a new industry in Taiwan, they’re free to experiment. The warm climate in Taiwan helps whisky age faster, giving it a unique taste that includes a creamy texture and tropical fruit flavors. This has allowed Taiwanese whisky to stand out and become popular worldwide.

Taiwanese whisky is a newcomer that’s quickly earned a spot among the world’s best whiskies. It’s unique because it mixes traditional methods with new techniques, thanks to Taiwan’s warm climate that speeds up aging. This innovation has made Taiwanese whisky famous for its quality and flavor.

Taiwanese whisky stands out for several reasons:

  • Climate: Taiwan’s warm, humid weather speeds up aging, adding rich flavors faster than in cooler places.
  • Innovation: Taiwanese distilleries are open to trying new things, which has helped them stand out in the global whisky scene.
  • Global Influence: Taiwanese whisky takes the best from the world, including Japan and America, mixing traditional craftsmanship with bold tastes.

Taiwanese whisky has broken the mold, showing that great whisky can come from new places. It’s a testament to innovation and quality, making it a celebrated addition to the whisky world—cheers to Taiwanese whisky for bringing new flavors and excitement to enthusiasts everywhere.


Kavalan Logo

In the middle of Taiwan’s green Yilan County, Kavalan started making waves in the whisky world. It became famous quickly for making good single-malt whisky. The King Car Group, led by CEO Tien-Tsai Lee, started Kavalan in 2005. They spent over $100 million to build a distillery focused on making top-notch whisky and showing the world what Taiwanese whisky is all about. With help from whisky expert Dr. Jim Swan, Kavalan quickly made a name for itself. By 2006, they were already making whisky, and by 2010, they won an award for the “Best Taiwan Single Malt Whisky.” That was just the beginning. By 2015, they had won several “World’s Best” awards.

Now, Kavalan is the most celebrated whisky in Asia, with over 450 gold medals. They make many different kinds of whisky, like ones that are aged for a certain time and others finished in special barrels. They keep growing and selling their whisky in over 70 countries, but they’re still investing a lot in their Yilan County home, which has become a must-visit for whisky fans worldwide.

Kavalan Bottle

The Kavalan logo represents the brand’s focus on quality and tradition. Their whiskies are special because of Yilan’s climate, which helps them get fast, almost like they’re much older than they are. Kavalan offers a range of whiskies, from the bold Solist series to the elegant Fino Sherry Cask, showing their skill and the rich culture behind this famous Taiwanese whisky.


Nantou Logo

In the beautiful, mountain-filled area of Nantou County in Taiwan, there’s a place called the Nantou Distillery. It’s run by the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation and started in 1978. At first, they were all about making traditional rice liquors. But about 30 years later, in 2008, they decided to try something new and started making whisky from barley. This was a big deal because it was the first time a big company in Taiwan made malt whisky.

The distillery is in a special spot in the middle of Taiwan’s mountains. The weather changes a lot there, which helps make their whisky taste unique. They’re into keeping old traditions alive and trying new things, leading them to create the Omar series. Omar whiskies are named after a mountain nearby, and they range from ones that are a bit smoky to ones aged in barrels used before for sherry, kind of like how they make whisky in Scotland.

Nantou Bottle

Even though Nantou is newer to making whisky than others, like Kavalan, it’s getting noticed for its special whiskies. This shows how good they are at mixing old ways of making whisky with what’s special about Taiwan. The Nantou logo represents how classy they are, how they balance nature, and how they make things by hand, celebrating Taiwan’s rich history and creative approach to making whisky.

Holy Distillery

Holy Distillery Logo

Holy Distillery, at the forefront of Taiwan’s exciting whisky scene, is making waves with its bold and innovative approach to whisky making. Located in a place where the weather changes a lot, they love to try new things, from using different kinds of grains to aging their whisky in unique ways. They’re all about breaking the mold and exploring new flavors, which is clear from their diverse and adventurous whisky range. Their logo sums up their mission perfectly: to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in the world of spirits.

In 2016, Heli Liquor started up in Yingge, New Taipei, with an almost heavenly goal. Alex Chang, who started it and was a bartender before, decided to dive into making whisky right around Christmas time. He didn’t just stick to the usual ingredients; he tried malt, Taiwanese rice, American corn, and different kinds of yeast, aging his creations into various oak barrels.

By the end of 2018, they had acquired a large copper still and began making whiskey in various recipes and ages, rum and plum wine from local sugar cane and sugar.

Holy Distillery Bottle

In 2019, they began experimenting with making gin in small batches, aiming to capture the true taste of Taiwan. They planned to open up for tours and workshops by September.

In May 2020, they launched Holy Valor Gin, a name inspired by “Dutch Courage.” The gin bottle design features Hakka floral fabric and emphasizes the importance of juniper berries, along with other local Taiwanese ingredients like oranges, grapefruits, osmanthus, and cinnamon leaves. They even started distilling peat malt in November 2020.


Taichung Logo

In the bustling city of Taichung, Taiwan, a new whisky distillery has been making waves. Taichung Distillery combines old-school whisky-making with new ideas. Their whiskies are special because they taste smooth and fancy, with flavors that can be sweet and flowery or deep and woodsy. Making whisky here is like mixing art with science, aiming to make both beginners and expert drinkers happy. Their logo shows their passion for making whisky that’s more than just a drink—an adventure. This place is on its way to becoming famous worldwide for its amazing whisky.

Taichung Bottle


Yushan Logo

Yushan whisky comes from Mt. Yushan in Taiwan, a beautiful place. This whisky is all about showing off the great whisky-making skills people have in Taiwan. It all started with the Nantou Distillery, which has been around since 1978, thanks to the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. But they didn’t start making their special malt whisky until much later, and in 2013, they came up with Omar whisky. This big step helped them create Yushan single malt, a whisky as impressive as the mountain named after.

Made in the green area of Nantou County, Yushan whisky is a tribute to how well things are made in Taiwan. They use clean local water and good-quality grains. When you age it in oak barrels, the whisky gets a bunch of different tastes, starting with fruity ones, then a bit of spice, and ends up being smooth, like the mountain itself.

Yushan Bottle

The logo for Yushan whisky shows how much they respect nature and the hard work that goes into making whisky. It’s not just a picture; it tells you about their commitment to making something good, using what nature offers and what people can do. This is what makes Yushan whisky special.


Kunhai Logo

Kunhai is a shining star in the Taiwanese whiskey sky, mixing new ideas with deep traditions. This whiskey is known for its complex flavors that show Taiwan’s diverse weather. Every bottle is like a party of different tastes, from sweet vanilla to rich caramel and spicy notes that remind you of the island’s nature. The Kunhai logo looks cool and artsy, perfectly showing how the brand mixes the new with the old, making it stand out in the whiskey world. At the Nantou Distillery, where they make Kunhai, there’s a special touch to everything, including the bottles that feature unique designs from a Taipei artist, adding a modern twist to the timeless whiskey tradition.

Kunhai Bottle


Omar Logo

Omar stands out in Taiwan’s whiskey world for offering a complex and bold taste. This whiskey blends old distilling ways with new aging methods, making it classic and new. Omar’s taste includes dried fruits, a hint of sweet malt, and a smoky finish. The Omar logo symbolizes their commitment to making great whiskey, showing their respect for Taiwan’s whiskey tradition.

In 2008, the Nantou Distillery in Taiwan started making Omar single malt whiskey. At first, the distillery made Jade Supremacy blended whiskey for local buyers. But as whiskey became more popular in the early 2010s, finding good, affordable whiskey got harder. Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL) aimed to fix this shortage by making whiskey in Taiwan and choosing Nantou Distillery.

Omar Bottle

By 2013, Nantou’s new directors discovered the exceptional quality of aging whiskey. TTL decided to release it as a single malt instead of blending it, and that’s how Omar was born. Omar quickly became popular and won many awards, including gold and silver medals from prestigious groups.