Popular Dutch Whiskey Brands

Popular Dutch Whiskey Brands

The story of Dutch whiskey starts with the Netherlands’ long history of making drinks, especially jenever, which tastes like gin. But recently, some Dutch makers started trying their hand at making whiskey, using their deep knowledge of distilling to create something new and special. They didn’t follow the usual rules of whiskey making, which allowed them to develop some unique and tasty whiskeys.

One of the first to make a splash was Zuidam Distillers, a family business from the 1970s. They’re known for making really good drinks, including whiskey. Their whiskey, called Millstone, is made with a lot of care, using traditional methods like grinding grains with a windmill, which is special in the Netherlands.

Then there’s Frysk Hynder from Us Heit Distillery in Friesland. Its name means “Frisian Horse,” it’s a single malt whiskey that shows off what’s special about its home, using local stuff to make it and aging it in barrels that used to hold wine or other spirits, giving it a unique taste.

Dutch whiskey isn’t made in big factories but in small places where they pay a lot of attention to every little detail and like to try new things. This means Dutch whiskeys come in many different tastes, from smoky to smooth, and aged in all kinds of barrels, like those used for sherry, bourbon, or even Dutch beer.

More and more people worldwide are noticing Dutch whiskey, curious about these interesting flavors from a place not usually known for making whiskey. There’s even a Whiskey Festival in the Netherlands every year, where people can try all these different whiskeys and learn more about how they’re made. It’s fun for everyone to see what’s new and exciting in Dutch whiskey.

Bus Whisky

Bus Whisky Logo

In Loosbroek, North Brabant, Bus Whisky Distillers started making whisky in 2016. They’re leading the way in making good whisky for the planet. They use malted barley that’s grown locally and organically without harmful chemicals. Bus Whisky is about making spirits right and caring for the earth as they do.

Their logo shows what they stand for, mixing old traditions with environmental commitment. It shows their focus on making high-quality, organic whisky that respects nature. Bus Whisky is all about bringing back the craft of making whisky on a small scale, using old methods but making them fit for today’s world. Even though they’re new to making whisky, they plan to release their first batch soon. This batch will be full of flavor and show their dedication to being eco-friendly.

Bus Whisky Bottle

Bus Whisky is part of a group of Dutch distilleries like Frysk Hynder, Cley, and Zuidam, making whisky in a way that’s better for the planet. They’re part of a new wave of Dutch whisky making, where old ways meet new ideas to make something excellent and kind to the environment.


Mworveld Logo

Mwórveld stands out in the whisky world for its handcrafted approach and outstanding skill. This distillery focuses on making small amounts at a time, which lets them pay close attention to every detail and show their love for making quality whisky. Mwórveld’s whiskies have complex tastes and a luxurious feel, making each drink special and memorable. The Mwórveld logo represents their dedication to making whisky the best it can be with every drop.

Mworveld Bottle

Their whisky-making started in December 2017. By law, to call it “whisky,” the drink must age in a wooden barrel for at least three years. They mostly use oak barrels previously used for bourbon or sherry, which helps flavor the whisky.


Eaglesburn Logo

Eaglesburn is a new and exciting name in the whisky world, known for trying out new ways to age their whisky and using different barrels. This leads to many unique and interesting flavors. People who like to try new kinds of whisky enjoy Eaglesburn because it always comes up with something different. The Eaglesburn logo represents the brand’s love for adventure and trying new things in making whisky.

Eaglesburn Bottle

Eaglesburn Distillery started in 2015, and by 2018, they were ready to share their first single malt whisky. They get their lightly peated malt from Belgium but make everything else locally. Bart, who started Eaglesburn, moved from Arnhem to Doesburg in 2016 and finally settled in Ede in 2019.

Frysk Hynder

Frysk Hynder Logo

Frysk Hynder whisky comes from Friesland in the Netherlands and has a special taste that shows off where it’s from. They make it with a barley that only grows there, giving it a unique flavor. It tastes smooth and has a fruity sweetness and a light malt flavor, making it stand out. The logo shows a Frisian Horse, a big, beautiful horse representing how strong and graceful this whisky is.

The story of Frysk Hynder started in 2002 at Us Heit, a brewery run by Aart van der Linde. He began making this whisky as a hobby to go along with the beer he was already making. He named the whisky after the Frisian Horse to honor where it came from and was the first in the Netherlands to make and bottle his whisky at his brewery.

Frysk Hynder Bottle

At first, they only made 77 bottles daily, but now Frysk Hynder is loved by many whisky fans. It has stayed true to making genuine Dutch single-malt whisky and has helped encourage more whisky-making in the Netherlands. Frysk Hynder is a symbol of Dutch skill in making things, and it keeps winning people over with its special taste. The strength and beauty of the Frisian Horse in the logo perfectly show what Frysk Hynder whisky is all about, unique and elegant.


Millstone Logo

The Millstone family created the Zuidam brand in the Netherlands because of their hard work and knowledge. They started making genevers and liqueurs in 1975, and then Millstone grew into a brand known for doing new and great things in the whisky world. In the late 1990s, they were one of the first in Europe to make craft whiskey, and in 2000, they made their first single malt whisky. This was the first one from the Netherlands and helped start the Millstone brand in 2007.

Millstone is known for making good whisky and has a variety of whiskies that show the rich tradition of distilling in the Netherlands. They use different types of barrels to age their whisky, like Oloroso sherry barrels and American oak, which gives their whisky many flavors, with deep fruit tastes and a hint of vanilla.

Millstone Bottle

Their logo even has parts of Dutch culture, showing how much they respect where they come from. The Zuidam family still runs Millstone and sells whisky in over 25 countries. They are known for being leaders in making Dutch whisky. The family’s focus on using grains that change with the seasons and old ways of making whisky keeps Millstone a top name worldwide, winning many international awards.

Cley Whisky

Cley Whisky Logo

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, Cley Distillery started in 2015 and brought something new to whisky making. They wanted to bring back the old Dutch way of making spirits, which goes back to the 1600s. Cley is known for trying new things, like using organic ingredients and smoked malt to make their whisky stand out with a smoky and sweet taste. Their logo shows how they mix new ideas with respect for old traditions.

Cley Whisky Bottle

Cley makes a special single malt whisky and a unique rye whisky and gin. They focus on making small batches and pay attention to making their spirits well. Even though they’re new, Cley has quickly become an important part of the Dutch scene for whisky and gin, helping make the Netherlands known for interesting and high-quality drinks. Along with other distilleries like Frysk Hynder, Cley is leading the way, mixing local traditions with new tastes to make spirits that are loved today.


Sculte Logo

Sculte Whisky is a top-notch Dutch whisky made with local ingredients. This makes the whisky good and gives it a strong, rich taste that people who love whisky enjoy. The Sculte logo stands for making whisky in small amounts with a lot of care for every detail.

Sculte Whisky is made in Maria Ad Fontes monastery in Ootmarsum, Twente. This place has been around since 1850. A wine seller first helped it, and it was rebuilt in 1936. It even played a part in World War II. Now, it’s where they make Sculte Whisky, have a restaurant, and where artists work.

Sculte Bottle

Gerard Velthuis, who used to run an advertising agency, started making spirits from fruits in 2004 and has won awards for them. He learned how to distill in the mountains and returned his knowledge to Twente. He works with his daughter and a professional distiller named Roy.

In 2018, they got a second still to make more whisky. They want to share their good spirits with more people.

De IJsvogel

De IJsvogel Logo

De IJsvogel is a whisky brand that cares about making their drinks the old-fashioned way, using ingredients from the area to give their whisky a special local taste. Their whiskies are known for being rich and complex, thanks to careful aging. The De IJsvogel logo stands for their promise to keep making top-quality whisky.

De IJsvogel Bottle

In the village of Arcen, in the picturesque Limburg region of the southern Netherlands, there’s a distillery called De IJsvogel (which means “Kingfisher”). They started making whisky 2012 and released their first one in October 2015, with a port wine flavor. After that, they made batches aged in bourbon barrels and then again in port wine barrels in 2016. The distillery is in an old water mill building, which makes it an interesting and historic place to visit.

Wagging Finger

Wagging Finger Logo

Wagging Finger introduces a lively and bold presence in the whisky world, challenging traditional norms with innovative and daring approaches. This brand stands out due to its combination of modern distillation techniques and unique, often playful branding. Wagging Finger whiskies offer vibrant and eclectic flavors, attracting a new generation of enthusiasts. The logo captures the brand’s rebellious and creative spirit, symbolizing its distinct whisky-making approach.

Wagging Finger Bottle

The adventure in distilling began in 2016, evolving into a fully operational distillery capable of distilling its malt spirits for Genever and Korenwijn production. Additionally, plans are in place to launch the first batches of its whisky shortly.


Beek Logo

Beek makes good whisky by mixing old-school ways with new tricks. They’re very careful about picking the best barrels and using top-notch ingredients, which makes their whisky stand out. Beek has many different whiskies, each tasting unique, so there’s something for everyone. The Beek logo shows they’re all about ensuring every bottle is top quality, thanks to their focus on doing things well.

Beek Bottle


Horstman Logo

The Horstman Distillery, started by Johan Horstman in 1999 and located in Twente, Netherlands, makes not just whiskey but also gin, brandy, and liqueurs. The long-standing tradition and high standards of Scottish whisky-making inspire it. Horstman is about creating top-quality whiskies that are full of personality and complexity. They make their whiskies in small batches, which means they pay a lot of attention to every detail. Drinking Horstman whiskies is about enjoying their smoothness and depth, perfect for those who like to notice the small, special things about whisky. The Horstman logo shows their promise to keep up the proud traditions of Scottish whisky-making.

Horstman Bottle Logo