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The Poshmark business logo demonstrates the business-like nature of the commercial platform that offers services for buying and selling electronics, home appliances, accessories, clothing, and home goods. While the emblem visually does not communicate this, it delicately hints at the multifaceted nature of the online service. The name of the trading platform is encrypted in a few strokes.

Poshmark: Brand overview

Founded:May 10, 2011
Founder:Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Chetan Pungaliya, Gautam Golwala
Redwood City, California, U.S.
Poshmark offers users large marketing opportunities, boasting over 200 million listings. The breadth of audience coverage guarantees quick sales, for which the owners of the commercial web platform have opened offices around the world, concentrating them in Chennai (India), Melbourne (Australia), and Vancouver (Canada). They are managed from the headquarters in the USA – the city of Redwood (California). The company was founded in 2011 by four entrepreneurs: Manish Chandra, Gautam Golwala, Chetan Pungaliya, and Tracy Sun. In 2023, it became an independent subsidiary of Naver Corporation.

Meaning and History

Poshmark Logo History

Business people prefer a business-like identity. This is evident in both the name and the emblem because the name chosen for the website immediately sets visitors’ expectations for something unexpected, beautiful – in a word, posh. Meanwhile, the logo implies a serious atmosphere prevails on the platform.

However, the lack of artistic excess in visual identity does not imply scarcity. On the contrary, designers have packed profound meaning into a small form, as the logo symbolizes several concepts: the name of the trading platform, mutual benefit for sellers and buyers, the versatility of shopping with a wide range of products, and much more.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an international online platform for selling and purchasing a wide range of goods. You can buy and sell appliances, household items, and clothing. It was launched in 2011 by Manish Chandra, Gautam Golwala, Chetan Pungaliya, and Tracy Sun. Since 2023, the service belongs to Naver Corporation as its subsidiary. The head office is located in Redwood, California, with additional centers in Chennai (India), Melbourne (Australia), and Vancouver (Canada).

2011 – today

Poshmark Logo

The Poshmark logo contains both graphics and text. The first is a unique symbol consisting of two rounded elements on a leg. It resembles a circular car road, but one side of it is unclosed – meaning the curved end does not reach the opposite stripe and does not touch it. This is a stylized double variant of the letter “P”: standard and inverted. It personifies the two sides of the buying-selling process – direct interaction between those who buy and those who sell. It also conveys the website name, deal readiness, and a rich assortment. The image is colored in brown.

To the right is the full name of the commercial online platform. It’s black and set in thin letters without serifs. Their absence speaks to the project’s openness that it does not put any obstacles in the way of its users. The wide and neat glyphs are made in a geometric style. They are smooth and even, creating a sense of friendliness. The inter-character distance is small, so the inscription seems compact.

Font and Colors

Poshmark Emblem

The Poshmark logo inscription is clean, minimalistic, and clear. It has no serifs – just straight lines forming geometric letters. Overall, the font is reminiscent of Ridley Grotesk Regular, developed by Radomir Tinkov.

Poshmark Symbol

The corporate palette of the commercial platform is also modest but business-like. It includes just two colors: brown and black. They are set against a neutral white background.