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Whoever created the Posteo logo showed the innovative nature of the email service provider with graphic symbols. Thanks to this original design, it immediately becomes clear that the brand is related to Internet technologies and online communication.

Posteo: Brand overview

Founder:Patrik & Sabrina Löhr
Berlin, Germany

Posteo is a reliable email service with German origins. The company’s main office is located in Berlin, but the scope is not limited to this city. Email is available to users from different countries.

They can create a personal Posteo account and freely exchange messages on the Internet. The provider differs from other services in the level of functionality and data transfer technologies. The corporate identity of the brand is also eye-catching. A bright logo with an inscription made in the original style immediately attracts attention.

Meaning and History

Posteo Logo History

Posteo is a fairly popular email service. It is suitable for both companies and individuals. In both cases, the client must deposit a certain amount for using the account. But, the paid basis fully pays off with many advantages. The service provider guarantees high confidentiality, reliability, and security.

These features form the basis of the company’s identity; therefore, they are displayed in the graphic design of the service. The green background symbolizes reliability, trust, and friendliness, while the white coloring of the letters evokes neutral and calm associations. At the heart of the emblem is an inscription that fully corresponds to the company’s name.

The history of the service began in 2009. Developers Patrick and Albina Lehr decided to create an email service with a high level of account security. The result is Posteo, a service that meets high-security standards and guarantees relative anonymity.

A clear advantage is a user-friendly interface that can be understood in just a few minutes. But, the main feature of Posteo is the special protection of users’ data. The developers used an innovative encryption model that can limit control by various intelligence agencies.

The graphic design of Posteo fully conveys the essence of the service. Bright coloring in combination with the basic colors of the letters creates a harmonious image. This shows another feature of Posteo – the balance between functionality and a high level of privacy. Users receive reliable protection, which is complemented by a user-friendly interface.

Font and Colors

Posteo Emblem

The visual identity of Posteo email is based on a bright, eye-catching design combined with original content. The modern logo of the service was developed immediately after the creation of the service and has not changed throughout the entire period of its existence. It is presented in two versions.

The full-sized logo is based on clear, simple lines that can be seen both in the inscription and the additional badge. This testifies to the transparent policy of the company and the desire for stability. In addition, the designers used an interesting approach to filling the emblem. In the center of the green square is the name of the service, and in front of it are two horizontal stripes.

Both elements are made in the same color and the same font. The letters are in bold, which symbolizes the company’s firm position. Posteo has been working steadily for more than ten years, and every year more and more clients join it who speak positively about the quality of the services provided. A bright addition is also an orange dot located after the name. It is the “highlight” of the logo and perfectly dilutes the green-white base.

Posteo Symbol

In addition to the full-size emblem, the service also uses a shortened version. It is made in the same color scheme but differs in a long inscription. Instead of the standard company name on a green background, only the letter “P” is displayed white. This logo can be round or square.

The presence of two versions of the emblem means that the service also focuses on practicality. It is important for creators that every email user can quickly and easily open the desired email. Especially when you need to answer the addressee urgently, this approach is attracting more and more customers, gradually turning Posteo into a reliable alternative to popular email services.

Posteo color codes

Yellow GreenHex color:#a5d239
RGB:165 210 57
CMYK:21 0 73 18
Pantone:PMS 375 C
Mango TangoHex color:#eb7c2a
RGB:235 124 42
CMYK:0 47 82 8
Pantone:PMS 1575 C