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PrestaShop: Brand overview

Founded in 2007 in the heart of Paris, France, by the visionary duo of Bruno Leveque and Igor Schlumberger, PrestaShop has become a beacon for aspiring retailers looking to make a name for themselves online. This e-commerce toolkit, based on open-source technology, was created to give small businesses the ability to create online stores at no cost.

In the beginning, PrestaShop was mainly focused on the European market, but it didn’t stay there for long. It soon spread worldwide, making it a leading open-source e-commerce platform. From a rudimentary shopping cart mechanism, PrestaShop has evolved into a sophisticated platform replete with multiple themes and add-ons. The platform has undergone a significant metamorphosis, releasing landmark versions such as PrestaShop 1.0 in 2009, 1.5 in 2013, and 1.7 in 2017, each bringing significant technological and functional improvements.

In 2013, PrestaShop joined forces with PayPal to streamline the payment process for a variety of customers. As the platform evolved, it strengthened its position through alliances, providing a more comprehensive set of services. By 2023, the benefits of PrestaShop could be seen in over 300,000 digital storefronts, spread from the busy streets of Europe and America to the diverse worlds of Asia and Africa in 60 languages.

The heart and soul of PrestaShop has always been its open-source ethos. Although PrestaShop offers premium services and add-ons aimed at corporate audiences, its foundation remains consistently free. Still based in Paris, PrestaShop, with CEO Bruno Leveque at the helm, epitomizes the panacea of e-commerce for SMEs worldwide.

Meaning and History

PrestaShop Logo History

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a remarkable free and open-source e-commerce platform developed in PHP language that has significantly changed the field of online stores. Over 300,000 active implementations – from small online stores to multinational companies – use PrestaShop to manage their online stores. The platform originated from the pioneering ideas of two scientists, Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque, at the EPITECH School of Information Technology in Paris, France. Originally presented under the name phpOpenStore and available in English and French, it was quickly translated into thirteen languages within three months, confirming PrestaShop’s global appeal.

2007 – today

PrestaShop Logo

Although this logo looks cartoonish, it’s a serious piece as it refers to an online platform that sells software under an OSL license. The center of attention is a puffball with a red beak and a wide smile. Its head consists of gray triangles of two shades, black circles, curved parts, etc., arranged on a blue background resembling a sphere. Below is the brand name written in block font. The name consists of a single word but is separated by color: the word “Presta” is plum-colored, and “Shop” is purple. The font is mostly lowercase.

The puffy smile and bright colors make it feel like a friendly place. The mix of shapes and colors on the head resembles a puzzle as if to hint that the software is multifaceted. Two different colors for the lettering “Presta” and “Shop” make the name easy to read.

PrestaShop color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#26235d
RGB:38 35 93
CMYK:59 62 0 64
Pantone:PMS 274 C
Red PurpleHex color:#e2066f
RGB:225 6 111
CMYK:0 97 51 11
Pantone:PMS Rubine Red C