Puig Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Puig Logo New

Puig, the famous fashion and fragrance company, has introduced a new logo and visual identity to celebrate its 110th anniversary. This new look, created by French design agency M/M (Paris), honors Puig’s history and embraces a creative future.

The new logo is a modern take on the original design by Swiss designer Yves Zimmerman from over 50 years ago. It features a custom typeface named Paralelo, inspired by Adrian Frutiger’s 1955 typeface Méridien. Paralelo combines elegance and modernity with clean lines and geometric precision, making it distinctive and versatile.

Puig Logo Evolution

The logo includes a symbol inspired by a painting by Joan Miró, echoing Puig’s 1970s logotype by Zimmerman. This continuous line represents an endless flow of creative ideas, showing Puig’s commitment to innovation and artistic expression. The loops and curves convey fluidity and dynamism, reflecting the company’s adaptive nature.

The color palette remains true to Puig’s heritage, with deep blues and gold conveying luxury and timelessness. These colors ensure a strong visual impact, making the brand easily recognizable and memorable.

Puig Logo Old

The new logo and visual identity will debut during the bell-ringing ceremony at the Barcelona Stock Exchange on May 3rd. The new identity will be gradually implemented across Puig’s touchpoints, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining continuity.

Puig’s new identity reinforces its core values and mission. As a “Home of Creativity,” Puig connects its long history with a commitment to innovation. The new identity reflects Puig’s nurturing environment where brands can flourish, people can grow, and bold ideas are celebrated. The elegant design and thoughtful details of the new logo and visual system underscore Puig’s dedication to excellence and vision for the future.

Puig Symbol