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The Quake logo is fantastical and original. The emblem implies an ancient confrontation, the necessity to pierce universal evil, for which willpower, perseverance, and strength are required.

Quake: Brand overview

Founded:June 22, 1996
Founder:id Softwar
United States
Quake is a series of seven-part shooters executed on the Quake Engine: Quake (one update), II (three additions), Arena (one addition), 4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Live, Champions. The first game was released in 1996. The first three parts and the last two were developed by the American company id Software. Raven Software worked on the fourth part. The British – Splash Damage released the fifth.

Meaning and History

Quake Logo History

The emblem carries a theme of fantasy, mirroring the design of the game’s environment. Each symbol carries a deep sense of battling evil and redemption. Constant hints towards the nails of Christ’s crucifixion indicate a spiritual struggle. Hidden behind enemy images are dangerous demonic entities. Or has sin struck the character itself? And is the mission a path of purification, a victory over oneself? Each participant sees the task differently. Interestingly, despite the involvement of four developers and several additions, the game’s emblem remains consistent across all parts.

What is Quake?

It is a series of game shooters for single or group play, stylized futuristic and fantasy worlds. Players battle enemies and bosses and carry out missions. Participants are given a wide choice of weapons, including fantastic ones. The continuation of the mission depends on the state of the armor and health, replenished by collecting items. If health is depleted, the character dies.


Quake Logo

In the background of the emblem is a sickle pierced by a nail. The composition forms a complex letter F from the Russian alphabet, or a transformed Q. Above the image, the game’s name Quake is written with the same unusual first character.

The shooter is named after the enemy’s code name. The word embodies the life change of the characters due to the invasion—the shaking and upheaval of their world. The choice conveys large-scale battles, explosions, and shots from which the earth shakes.

In alchemy, the letter Q is considered unifying for the four basic elements: water, air, earth, and fire. The emphasis on the symbol indicates the birth of a new universe, fantastical and unusual. The fight in the game is a battle of two worlds, a global battle that affects the foundation of the universe.

The nail, forming the tail of Q, symbolizes the game. Nail guns are always present in the arsenal of weapons, and nails replace ammunition. Paintings with the crucifixion of participants often occur.

The semicircle symbolizes the moon and a solar eclipse. All ominous, fateful events are associated with these astronomical phenomena. Frightening incidents require darkness and twilight. That’s when evil wakes up. Therefore, in the logo, the sign induces tension, sets the mood for mysticism, and conveys the gloominess of the plot.

The nail crucifies the eclipse as an embodiment of evil. It conveys the theme of atonement for sins, the destruction of the enemy.

Font and Colors

At the heart of the logo is brown, like the color of rusty iron. Rusty elements indicate the antiquity of the story. The struggle depicted in the plot has been ongoing for ages. The participants are frozen in confrontation. Winds, rains, and changing seasons won’t make them break their deadly embrace.

White color – a prototype of purity and goodness.

The font of the inscription is unique, with altered characters. White, partially erased letters with black outlines show that the enemy is hiding and not fully known. He appears suddenly, and the participant needs to figure out who he is dealing with and how to win.

Quake color codes

BronzeHex color:#d47d3c
RGB:212 125 60
CMYK:0 41 72 17
Pantone:PMS 158 C
Autumn BrownHex color:#63381e
RGB:99 56 30
CMYK:0 43 70 61
Pantone:PMS 168 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C