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The RAID Shadow Legends logo is strong and noble. The metallic notes of the emblem resemble the armor of warriors who are ready to oppose evil and liberate the kingdom. The symbol hints at the reward that awaits the victor.

RAID Shadow Legends: Brand overview

Founded:July 29, 2018
Founder:Plarium Games
Tel-Aviv, Israel
RAID Shadow Legends is a role-playing game in the fantasy style with partially paid content from the Israeli developer Plarium. Monetization occurs through small payments to acquire new possibilities in the game. It has a computer and mobile version for the main systems: Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS. Screenwriter Paul C.R. Monk writes the plot.

Meaning and History

RAID Shadow Legends Logo History

The RAID symbol has not changed since its release. The emblem conveys the plot and mood of the game. Sharp metal can be seen in all the logo’s symbols because the character images feature many spikes and blades that underline militancy and the theme of battles. The sharpened elements of the emblem resonate with the developer’s logo: the letter P in the Plarium logo also has cutting edges.

What is RAID Shadow Legends?

The player acts as the resurrected warrior of the Teleria kingdom. His main mission is to defeat the evil character Dark Lord Siroth. To do this, there are 12 levels with seven tasks each. The player organizes an army, collects vessels with the souls of past warriors, and obtains silver and precious stones (used to buy energy) during battles. The game can be completed on four difficulty levels.

2018 – today

RAID Shadow Legends Logo

The game logo is word-based. The steel inscription RAID in large flat capital letters is pierced by an invisible spear, cutting the letters diagonally. The game is fashioned like a fairy-tale fantasy, so its main weapons are arrows, axes, spears, and swords. The line that cuts through the letters symbolizes a sharp weapon capable of slicing through armor.

The chamfered corners of the letters hint at the main goal of players – to win and establish peace, to extinguish the conflict.

The word RAID means short raids carried out by groups to complete a mission. The game’s plot is built around such excursions.

Below, Shadow Legends is added in golden volumetric symbols. Gold symbolizes the treasures that players collect during mission execution. The “shadows” in the name refer to the shards of souls of legendary warriors of the past, which provide strength and unusual abilities. The name contains something mystical, suitable for a magical kingdom.

Font and Colors

Silver, steel, and gold colors symbolize elements of the warriors’ equipment. Their costumes consist of sharp plates and spikes, which match the points on the letters of the inscriptions.

  • Light gray – the color of metal. It refers to weapons and armor. Silver is the main currency of the game. Steel conveys opposition, the theme of battles and fights.
  • Gold – symbolizes victory. Generous payment to the defenders of the kingdom and war loot. It points to the abilities of past warriors. It hints at artifacts in dungeons that players are supposed to explore.

Two types of fonts are used in the emblem. First, the word RAID is unique with its slanted as if sawed-off edges of the letters. Each symbol is like a finely tuned detail in a knight’s armor. Large letters stretched upwards represent the 400 unbeatable champions, the teams of which the participant collects.

The golden letters of Shadow Legends are more smooth and streamlined. The font is reminiscent of Mevada SRF, but the edges of S are cut off in RAID’s style to unite the emblem’s two parts into a single whole.

RAID Shadow Legends color codes

Dark LavaHex color:#534336
RGB:83 67 54
CMYK:0 19 35 67
Pantone:PMS 7589 C
GrayHex color:#7f7c79
RGB:127 124 121
CMYK:0 2 5 50
Pantone:PMS 409 C
Aztec GoldHex color:#be9559
RGB:190 149 89
CMYK:0 22 53 25
Pantone:PMS 7509 C