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The Rainbow Six logo conveys strength and power. The emblem is a prototype of the battle between good and evil; only the user can choose which side he is on. The sign shows that the fight is starting right now. There is a labyrinth ahead, and only after reaching the end will the player be able to open the door and see the light.

Rainbow Six (r6): Brand overview

Founded: December 1, 2015
Founder: Ubisoft Montreal
Montreal, Canada
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Rainbow Six is ​​a media franchise based on the same name as a fictional international counter-terrorism department. Written and written by US writer Tom Clancy. The work began by adapting a literary text to the video game series of the same name. These are tactical first-person shooters. The project was launched in 1995. A team of the developer (Sébastien Labbé), designer (Daniel Drapeau), programmer (Jalal Eddine El Mansouri), artist (Po Yuen Kenny Lam), screenwriter (Li Kuo), and composers (Paul Haslinger and Ben Frost) worked on it. It the published by two companies owned by Ubisoft: Montreal and Red Storm.

Meaning and History

Rainbow Six Logo History

What is Rainbow Six?

This is the abbreviated name of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise, based on the techno-thriller by American writer Thomas Leo Clancy Jr., published in 1998. The first video game based on the Rainbow Six storyline was developed simultaneously during the creation of the novel. The series now includes over twenty tactical shooters, united by the history of a fictional counter-terrorist organization.

In early winter 2015, the shooter was officially released for several platforms at once, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Five years later, in December 2020, a video game for the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 appeared. The emblems were released in parallel with computer games.

The main focus is on the destruction of the environment and the interaction between the participants. Each player takes control of a defender or attacker in any of the modes. And there are mainly three of them: control over the target in the room, defusing the bomb, and rescuing people taken hostage. Several operators in the Rainbow team and different nationalities have different ammunition (weapons and gadgets). The game structure is not equal, so the choice of individual capabilities of teams is not the same. Everyone has their skills and capabilities.

Interaction is between the base CTUs (Counter-Terrorism Directorates). They include several units: FBI SWAT (American hostage rescue), SAS (English), GSG-9 (German), special forces (Russian), and GIGN (French). Players can choose four operators per unit in each. The division takes place between defenders and attackers.

There is no campaign indication in the titles and designs of video games. There is only a series of small independent missions called situations. They can be played alone. The plot of such missions is generalized since what is happening is focused on recruits who are being trained to confront terrorists who threaten the security of the whole world. There are many video game releases, each with its logo and its addition to the shooter’s name.

2015 – 2021

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Logo 2015-2021

The emblem has a horizontally elongated shape filled with a miniature icon and several inscriptions. There is a trademark in the upper left corner – an armed man wearing a military uniform and with a machine gun in his hands. He froze in the scope with a willingness to shoot and at any moment to engage in combat.

Next to the fighter are the author’s name and surname – “Tom Clancy’s.” Below them is the full name of the video game in uppercase. The elongated letters sit so closely next to each other that they merge. They are interconnected in the syllables “RAI” and “BOW,” and the “N” is separated from them on both sides by thin vertical stripes. The word “Six” is in negative space.
In contrast to “Rainbow,” it is painted white and appears to appear from the dark background. “X” is only half visible; the rest is absorbed by the light transition to a high vertical line. Behind it is the name of this version of the game – “Siege.”

2021 – today

Rainbow Six Logo 2021-present

The most recent release will be released in March 2021, although the video game was announced in the summer of 2019. Therefore, the logo has long been developed, known, and is waiting for an hour to launch a tactical shooter. It consists of the same identification mark – an armed man in full ammunition, frozen in an aiming position with a lunge forward with one leg. The main elements remain the same. Only their grouping has been changed: now the title of the issue is at the bottom – in the third row. The word “Quarantine” is colored yellow and has wide lettering. But the writing style is the same – even columnar signs, smooth and sans serif. Another difference is in the color of the negative space. This time it is dark blue with faint black characters.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Rainbow Six Emblem

The logos’ content moves from franchise to franchise and always consists of an icon with a fighter at the top left, the author’s name and surname, the general name of the series, and each specific issue’s name. Sometimes the layout of the elements on the common field changes. The lettering design, logo style, and typeface remain the same.

For the top caption (author’s name and surname), the designers used an individual font obtained by modifying several analogs. The letters are rounded at the inner corners, but outwardly they have pointed protrusions. The text in the lower rows is in a typeface as close as possible to Molde Condensed Black by Letritas or Lorimer No 2 Condensed Bold Dunwich by Type Founders.

Rainbow Six Symbol

The palette is predominantly black and white, but the latest version has two new colors. These are yellow lemon spectrum (code # f9e031) and deep gray with dark blue (shade # 183b4a).

Rainbow Six (r6) color codes

Banana Yellow Hex color: #f9e031
RGB: 249 224 49
CMYK: 0 10 80 2
Pantone: PMS 803 C
Japanese Indigo Hex color: #183b4a
RGB: 24 59 74
CMYK: 68 20 0 71
Pantone: PMS 3035 C

What do the Rainbow Six Siege symbols mean?

Rainbow Six Siege has its character system, including Ping, Connection, FPS, Host icons. They indicate the quality of the Internet connection and server problems so that gamers can track possible problems and fix them in time.

For the top line (“TOM CLANCY’S”), the designers have chosen a font that is as close as possible to Ghost Clan Regular. The series title (“RAINBOW SIX”) is written in a custom font inspired by the sans-serif Scout Condensed Bold. As for the game’s name, Quarantine uses a typeface similar to Lorimer No 2 Condensed Bold Dunwich or Molde Condensed Black.

What does the Rainbow Six logo mean?

An armed man in military uniform is not the only symbolic element of the logo. The inscription “RAINBOW SIX” deserves special attention: the second word looks as if it is in ambush. This is a direct reference to the tactical shooter gameplay.