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No one knows what lies behind the veil of the Resident Evil logo. The emblem encourages you to develop your survival strategy. Rise above the plot and, watching everyone, remain invisible. Only this will help to survive among the dangers and get a reward.

Resident Evil: Brand overview

Resident Evil is a Japanese media franchise based on video games of the same name. Its owner is Capcom. Moreover, this series has a very rich genre theme: shooter (first and third person), horror, strategy for survival among zombies and other monsters. Thanks to its many directions, the franchise is constantly replenished with full-length cartoons, action films, TV horror films, audio dramas, and novels. The creators of the first episode are Tokuro Fujiwara and Shinji Mikami. They released the game in 1996 for the PlayStation. In Japan, it is known under another name – Biohazard.

Meaning and History

Resident Evil Logo History

The game received individual symbols right at the start because it needed to identify itself and stand out from its counterparts. After all, Resident Evil tells about the most common plot – the confrontation between people and zombies. It currently exists in eight full editions and three remakes. Each of them has its logo.

What is Resident Evil?

Resident Evil is a line of media products derived from the computer game of the same name. This is the highest-grossing media franchise in the horror genre. The shooter on which it is based first appeared in 1996. The next parts of the series were released almost every year, and several films and cartoons were released simultaneously. The owner of the game franchise is the Japanese corporation Capcom Co., Ltd.


Resident Evil Logo 1996

The base of the debut logo was the name of the video game. The creators sought to emphasize the ominous atmosphere with minimalism, so they concentrated on the type. The letters in the phrase “Resident Evil” turned out to be narrow, elongated, bright scarlet, closely spaced to each other. In their shape and color, they more resemble bloody wounds than printed signs. All characters are in uppercase and cast in pitch-black shadows on a white background on the right side. This technique makes the inscription voluminous and creepy because it seems to be frozen in the air. The edges of the letters are uneven – as if gnawed or torn.


Resident Evil 2 Logo 1998

The emblem retains the same style – eerie, bloody, and fatal since the combination of red and black remains a priority. The only change is the number “2”, which denotes the numbering of the next issue. But unlike letters, it is smooth and even, without ragged edges.


Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Logo 1999

The logo of the third issue is radically different from the first two. It is larger and contains more detail. On a dark background dotted with chaotic dots, stripes and textures are the inscriptions “Resident Evil Nemesis.” It spans three lines – one for each word. The visual emphasis is placed on the central part – “Evil,” highlighted in large print. Like the top inscription, it looks like it is broken glass. “Nemesis,” in contrast to them, is made in the form of a stream of blood. The video game number is shown in large size – two lines in size.


Resident Evil 4 Logo 2005

This option contains not only text but also a graphic element. It sits in front of the franchise title and looks like falling off body parts or chunks of torn flesh. The color neutralizes the picture’s expression – black is combined with white and not with red. But in reality, it is not an icon, but the number “4”, decorated with sharp fangs and claws. The phrase “resident evil” has been moved to lower case. The letters are completed with a torn edge.


Resident Evil 5 Logo 2009

In the center of the emblem, there is a burnt-out fabric, in which the outlines of “5” are guessed. The number is scorched, white, with yellow edges and a stroke extended upwards. On its background is the phrase “Resident Evil,” executed in capital letters in dark red. Fiery reflections and a vascular network filled with red blood are visible around them. Symbols now have classic serifs.


Resident Evil 6 Logo 2012

For the sixth version of the logo, the developers chose a strict font – cold, metalized, with light highlights in the letters’ center. The series number is large and is located above the title. It is made in the form of decaying purple-pink flesh.


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Logo 2017

This time, the designers did not use a separate number for numbering. They played the last three letters in the word “Evil” in an interesting way: the role of 7 is played by the syllable “VIL.” And to get a perfect resemblance to the Roman seven, the developers cut off the last character’s bottom stroke, depicting it as a square dot. They did this with color since the phrase “Resident Evil” is colored black, except for the three indicated letters (dark orange). They added “biohazard” lettering at the bottom, which is smooth, thin, and easy to read.


Resident Evil 8 Village Logo 2021

This franchise logo uses the same graphic technique as the previous one – numbers are made from the text. As a result, the word “VILLAGE” denotes both the title of the issue and its number. The two Ls have the protruding parts cut off at the bottom, so the VILL looks like a Roman figure of a light swamp color. The full name of the franchise is located at the bottom and is made in small printed characters. In all words, the font is smooth, sans serif.

Resident Evil: Interesting Facts

The “Resident Evil” series, or “Biohazard” in Japan, is a leading survival horror game created by Capcom. Since 1996, it has grown to include games, movies, and more, making it a key name in horror. Here are some interesting things about “Resident Evil”:

  1. Early Inspiration: The first game got its ideas from the 1989 game “Sweet Home,” which was about solving puzzles in a haunted house. These ideas were key to “Resident Evil.”
  2. Camera Style: The early games used fixed camera angles to make things scarier and work around old technology limits.
  3. Famous Setting: From the first game, the Spencer Mansion is well-known for its complex design, which is full of traps and puzzles.
  4. The T-Virus: A major part of the story is the T-Virus, which creates zombies. It was made by the fictional Umbrella Corporation, known for its evil actions.
  5. Change to 3D: “Resident Evil 4” changed the game by using a new camera view and adding more action, which was well-received and influenced many other games.
  6. Different Endings: The first game could end in different ways, making it fun to play again. This idea was also used in later games.
  7. Movies: There are live-action and animated movies based on the games. The live-action ones star Milla Jovovich and the animated ones follow the game stories more closely.
  8. Merchandise: There’s a lot of “Resident Evil” merchandise, such as books, toys, clothes, and spin-off games that try out different gameplay.
  9. Resident Evil Village: The eighth main game continues the story of Ethan Winters from “Resident Evil 7” and adds elements of folklore and the supernatural.

“Resident Evil” has stayed popular and influential in horror gaming by always changing while keeping its core focus on survival horror, storytelling, and atmosphere.

Font and Colors

Resident Evil Emblem

Each video game release has its label. The name “Resident Evil” is the same in all variants, presented in an individual style. The exceptions were the first and second versions when the designers kept the inscription unchanged by using it twice.

The typeface in the emblems is not united thematically and is different in all cases. But the predominant are flat and wide letters that resemble geometric shapes. In the seventh and eighth parts of the game, the designers added Roman numerals from them.

Resident Evil Symbol

Colors also differ in variety. If the first issues are supplemented with an emblem in the theme of blood and flesh, then the later ones contain a cold palette: shiny metallic, muted khaki, charcoal black, powdered orange, etc.

Resident Evil color codes

HuskHex color:#b29950
RGB:178 153 80
CMYK:0 14 55 30
Pantone:PMS 7407 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Resident Evil logo mean?

One of the latest Resident Evil logos (2021) encrypted the Roman numeral 8, which denotes the part number in the video game series. It looks like the highlighted letters V, I, and vertical fragments of the two L in the word VILLAGE.

What is the emblem for in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil features a large wooden shield with the family crest. She is in the Spencer Mansion in the dining room. It must be used to replace the gold emblem and open the exit from the secret passage, which can be accessed by playing the piano. And the golden emblem must be placed in the dining room to get the key.

What is the font of the Resident Evil logo?

Released in 2021, the logo for Resident Evil uses two broadly similar fonts: bold, geometric, and sans-serif. You can recreate the “VILLAGE” lettering using the RE 7 Font. It is similar to the Press Gothic Biform designed by Patrick Griffin and Aldo Novarese and resembles Paul Renner’s Plak Black Extra Condensed.