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The RF Online logo conveys the game’s fantasy theme and immersive gameplay experience. It serves as a visual representation of the epic adventures, battles, and quests that players will embark upon in the virtual world. The combination of the sharp blades, vibrant orange color, and sleek typography creates a distinctive and memorable logo that captures the essence of RF Online, inviting players to delve into a realm of fantasy and embark on thrilling online adventures.

The RF Online logo, designed for a fantasy video game, perfectly captures the essence of the fantasy world it represents. The logo features an orange figure resembling multiple sharp blades pointing in different directions. These elements reflect the diverse array of weapons and decorative patterns found within the game’s immersive universe. Positioned to the left of the illustration are the capitalized letters “RF,” while on the right side, the word “ONLINE” is displayed. Both are rendered in a thin black font, elongated vertically and resembling the approximate shape of Dharma Gothic M Light by Dharma Type.

The RF Online emblem embodies the adventurous and dynamic nature of the fantasy video game it represents. The intricate design of the sharp blades evokes a sense of danger and excitement, hinting at the intense battles and challenges that await players within the game. The orange color scheme adds vibrancy and energy, symbolizing the game’s fantastical elements and the vivid world players will explore. The stylized typography of the “RF” and “ONLINE” lettering contributes to the logo’s visual appeal, conveying a sleek and modern aesthetic.

RF Online: Brand overview

Founded:August, 2004
South Korea

Emerging from South Korea in 2004, RF Online, originally named ‘Rising Force,’ electrified the MMORPG scene. The creative minds at CCR, a triad comprising Codemasters, CyberStep, and Rumble Games, crafted this immersive 3D odyssey that has mesmerized players with its captivating narrative, enthralling gameplay, and visually stunning graphics. From its roots in South Korea, RF Online evolved into a global sensation, maintaining a strong and enduring appeal among global gamers.

RF Online’s initial success began on its home turf in South Korea, but it wasn’t long before its intriguing universe, and distinctive gameplay attracted a wider audience, extending to countries such as Japan, China, and Indonesia. By 2006, its popularity was so widespread that Codemasters decided to bring it to the European and North American markets, opening up its intriguing cosmos to gamers worldwide.

Setting itself apart in the MMORPG world, RF Online weaves a compelling and enigmatic storyline set against the backdrop of a far-off galaxy. Players find themselves immersed in a world where three formidable factions vie for control over a potent and mysterious resource known as ‘Cora.’ The game’s rich lore and history unfold as players delve deeper into the game’s universe.

RF Online won over players with its compelling narrative and groundbreaking gameplay. Players were offered a selection of character classes, each endowed with unique abilities and specializations. Coupled with this, the game introduced an advanced system for crafting and upgrading, allowing players to customize their weapons and armor.

For over a decade, RF Online has held gamers spellbound with its continually evolving content and features. In 2009, the game underwent a rebirth, re-emerging as ‘RF Online: New Frontier.’ This signaled the start of a fresh chapter characterized by an upgraded graphics engine, vast new territories to navigate, and enhanced gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, the thrilling world of RF Online has something to offer every gamer!

Meaning and History

RF Online Logo History

When it comes to brand identity, the game distinguishes itself with a unique blend of Sci-fi and fantasy themes. Not many platforms dare to tread this line, but it has done so fearlessly, cementing its position as a trailblazer in the industry. This identity is consistent throughout the game – from the characters and the narrative to the visual elements and sound design, creating a unified and immersive experience for players.

At the heart of its branding lies an emphasis on community building and player collaboration. This is reflected in the game’s design which encourages team play, guild formations, and interactive gaming. The platform has always strived to be more than just a game – it aims to foster a thriving community of like-minded enthusiasts.

The platform’s commitment to continuous innovation is another key pillar of its brand identity. The developers are never shy to introduce new concepts and ideas into the game, enhancing its appeal and ensuring that it remains relevant in the fast-paced world of online gaming. The essence of RF Online rests in its determination to provide an ever-evolving, dynamic world that continuously challenges and engages its players.

What is RF Online?

RF Online, initially christened ‘Rising Force,’ hails from the dynamic world of 3D MMORPGs, with its roots in CCR, a renowned Korean developer.

The platform had its genesis with an ambitious goal – to blend traditional RPG elements with an immersive 3D environment. The world that it offered was not just a plain three-dimensional playground but an arena that brought fantasy and futuristic elements together. With each update and iteration, it continued to grow, enriching the gaming experience with fresh narratives, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

RF Online color codes

Safety OrangeHex color:#fb7b01
RGB:251 123 1
CMYK:0 51 100 2
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C