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Ripple Logo
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Ripple is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms officially launched in 2012. Today, it supports many payment systems and is used for currency exchange transactions. A feature of the platform is that it is decentralized and, therefore, can function effectively without the direct intervention of the company. The native XPR cryptocurrency is the third in the market in terms of capitalization and deserves attention and the degree of distribution of Ripple around the world. Today, users from more than 100 countries can use the platform.

Meaning and History

Ripple Logo History
Evolution of the Ripple Logo

What is Ripple?

First of all, this is a modern resource relevant for users who own digital assets or want to purchase them using such platforms.

For ten years of work in the cryptocurrency market, the company has changed its logo only once. Moreover, we are talking about a minimal redesign that most platform users did not notice. The logo consists of the name “Ripple” and the emblem. Visual brand recognition is high, thanks to the fact that today the decentralized system is one of the ten largest in the market.

2012 – 2013

Ripple Logo 2012

Interestingly, the first version of the Ripple logo was presented at the stage when the future market leader was at the startup stage. The logo consisted of the name “ripple” in lowercase black letters using a classic bold sans-serif.

The ancient sign triskelion was used as an emblem, which depicted three legs that come out of one point. However, in the case of “ripple,” we are talking about three circles. This geometric figure is more associated with the digital world and cryptocurrency in particular. The emblem is made in blue with a barely noticeable gradient.

Despite the contrast between the two elements of the logo, the result is a solid and modern look, thus attracting users worldwide.

2013 – today

Ripple Logo

A year after the project’s launch, it was decided to redesign the logo. The changes were minimal. The blue color gradient in the emblem has been changed. Thus, there was a feeling of movement in the emblem, visually resembling a spinner. The association with the popular toy also appeared among users, but the company did not comment on this moment. One thing is for sure: brighter shades of blue made the logo more friendly and customer-oriented.

Also, minimal changes were made to the verbal name of the brand. Now it is better displayed in small sizes. In addition, the distance between the emblem and the inscription has decreased.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Ripple Emblem

The brand name on the logo is made using lowercase black letters. The bold font used to create the logo is called LL Brown. He was chosen in 2013 to improve the quality of the inscription.

Ripple Symbol

The triskelion, which forms the basis of the Ripple emblem, was made using blue and its shades. This choice is not accidental. Through the sense of movement created by the gradient, the company indicated the constant movement it was in. Thus, users had a feeling of reliability and timelessness of the platform.