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Unification of subscribers by means of a stretched cable – this is the practical meaning of the elements of the emblem. On a more elevated level, Rogers’ logo symbolizes unity, a circle of people connected by a love of communication and technology.

Rogers: Brand overview

Founder:Ted Rogers
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rogers Communications founded Ted Rogers, who inherited his father’s love of radio technology and experimental television broadcasting. He decided to continue the family business and, in 1960, created Aldred-Rogers Broadcasting with TV presenter Joel Aldred. Their joint radio business began with the purchase of CHFI, Toronto’s only FM station.

In 1967, the corporation acquired the Rogers Cable TV division. This was followed by several strategic deals that allowed the company to gain wide access to the cable TV and wireless market. Thus, a small broadcaster became a leading provider of services in the fields of communication and media. After the death of Ted Rogers in 2008, management was transferred to the board of directors.

Meaning and History

Rogers Logo History

Restructuring and mergers with other firms have impacted Rogers Communications’ identity. Thus, the company changed its logos very often, with only one goal: to show its individuality to earn Canadians’ trust. Her iconography contained many abstract symbols that were used at different times. Now it is a complex circular pattern that has received the unofficial name “Mobius.”

What is Rogers?

It is a large Canadian media and communications company. She specializes in IT, wireless communications, cable TV, telephony and Internet services, and media. The company has existed since 1959.

1965 – 1967

Rogers Broadcasting Logo 1965-1967

One of the predecessors of Rogers Communications was the Rogers Broadcasting division. Its logo contained three concentric circles, which represented radio waves, and a vertical strip with pointed ends, a symbol of a radio broadcasting point.

1967 – 1969

Rogers Cable TV Logo 1967-1969

In 1967, the telecommunications corporation founded Rogers Cable TV, which was later renamed Rogers Communications. Until 1969, he used the “eye” emblem. The drawing consisted of several geometric shapes. The base was a gray rectangle with rounded edges, and inside it was a white rhombus with a black circle in the middle.

The brand name was split into two parts. The first word was written at the top, the second and third at the bottom. For ROGERS, the designers chose a thin sans serif font. For “CABLE TV” – also grotesque, but bold.

1969 – 1986

Rogers Cable TV Logo 1969-1986

Rogers Cable TV’s second emblem was significantly different from the first. There were no inscriptions on it, and the “eye” became even more abstract. The circle representing the pupil remains. It was in the center of a white hexagon placed in the same black hexagonal frame. A new element has appeared on the right – two angle brackets. They resembled a fast forward button, which, like the eye, corresponding to the television theme.

1979 – 1986

Rogers Cablesystems Logo 1979-1986

When Canadian Cablesystems was taken over by Rogers Cable TV, the division became Rogers Cablesystems. After the restructuring, the logo has hardly changed. The designers only recolored the circle and two angle brackets white, leaving thin black outlines.

1986 – 2000

Rogers Logo 1986-2000

In 1986, executives renamed Rogers Cable to Rogers Communications. The global rebranding was reflected in the design: the corporation ditched its original symbols in favor of a wordmark with large red lettering “ROGERS.” The second letter’s place was taken by a circle, divided into parts by three white lines. The geometric figure symbolized the planet, and the arched stripes symbolized the telecommunications network.

2000 – 2015

Rogers Logo 2000-2015

In January 2000, the company unveiled a new logo with the word “ROGERS” and a multi-piece ring that was nicknamed “Mobius” because of the similarity to the Mobius strip. The letter “O” has acquired a familiar look, and in general, the font has become more laconic.

2015 – today

Rogers Logo 2015-present

The work on the current corporate identity lasted about eight months. Lippincott and Publicis, CEO Guy Laurence, Brand Director Dale Hooper, and Rogers’ design team took an active part in the rebranding process. Viewers saw the first hints of the company’s identity in an advertising video that was released in the fall of 2014. The official presentation of the logo took place the following year.

At first glance, nothing has changed: on the left, as before, there is a figured ring, and on the right – an inscription. But if you look closely, you can see that the developers made the letters more elongated and thinner. The so-called “Mobius” has also become more compact.

Font and Colors

Rogers Emblem

The Rogers graphic sign is very similar to the Mobius strip – a convoluted ring consisting of one closed curved line. Previously, this symbol was used in graphic art and served as inspiration for sculptors. It is classified as a topological object because its surface remains unchanged under infinite deformation.

The last two company logos contain not only the “Mobius” badge but also red lettering. In the first case, a grotesque is presented that looks like a Prenton RP Pro Bold (published by Wiescher-Design). The second font has a lot in common with Vanarchiv’s Lisboa Bold, aside from the lack of a hook on the diagonal “R” stem and the presence of slices at the ends of the horizontal lines of the “E.”

Rogers Symbol

The red color has also been changed after the rebranding. At first, it was bright (# E90000), but then it got a little darker (# EF111A). The current version of the logo uses a shade of red (# E41B1F), close to the color of the Canadian flag.

Rogers color codes

LustHex color:#e32024
RGB:227 32 36
CMYK:0 86 84 11
Pantone:PMS 485 C

What is Rogers symbol?

The Rogers sign is a ring made up of four crescent-shaped elements. It resembles the Möbius loop, a topological object invented by the scientist of the same name. The symbol denotes a twisted cable used in all types of utility networks.

Is Rogers Communications in the US?

No, Rogers Communications is not based in the United States, as it is a Canadian company. Its head office is located in Toronto. On the territory of the United States, by agreement, it provides services only to its subscribers – tourists who have come from Canada.

What is Rogers slogan?

Rogers’ slogan is aimed at consumers in the domestic market and sounds like “We bring Canadians the best.”

Is Rogers the biggest company?

Rogers is Canada’s largest company and the largest domestic wireless operator. According to the data for the third quarter of 2020, the number of its subscribers totaled more than 10.8 million people.