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Ruby Spears Logo

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The Ruby-Spears logo is associated with the 1980s era, a time when the studio was popular in the world of animation. It evokes memories of classic animated series from that time and conveys the creative spirit of the company that produced them. The emblem also reflects the diversity of children’s content and attention to detail.

Ruby-Spears: Brand overview

Ken Spears and Joe Ruby worked for nearly 20 years at Hanna-Barbera, initially as sound directors and later as scriptwriters. They are the creators of the animated series “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You.” Ken and Joe, realizing the success of their projects, opened their own studio, Ruby-Spears, in 1977. A year later, it was sold to Filmways, and in 1981, it became the property of Taft Entertainment. Ironically, this was a division of Taft Broadcasting, which at that time owned Hanna-Barbera. Thus, Ken and Joe had to compete with the firm where they had previously worked. This continued until 1991 when Turner Broadcasting System purchased part of the Ruby-Spears library, and the studio itself gained independence and transitioned to RS Holdings. Cartoons created after 1991 were not very popular, leading to the company’s closure in 1996.

Meaning and History

Ruby Spears Logo History

Ruby-Spears Studio used different logos with its name, either as an acronym or in full. Joe Ruby and Ken Spears tried to immortalize their surnames to gain fame separate from Hanna-Barbera, where they had previously worked. Unfortunately, their business was unsuccessful, and the company closed in 1996. It is now remembered only through old cartoons and the emblems shown in the opening credits.

What is Ruby Spears?

Ruby-Spears was an animation studio that created cartoons like “Centurions,” “Mister T,” “Fangface,” and “Thundarr the Barbarian.” It was founded in 1976 and named after its founders, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. The company was owned at different times by Filmways and Taft Broadcasting until it was spun off into RS Holdings in 1991. It ceased operations in 1996 due to the lack of success of its projects.

1978 – 1982

Ruby-Spears Productions Logo 1978

Although Ruby-Spears Productions appeared in 1977, it only started using its logo in 1978 when it became the property of Filmways. Essentially, it is a monogram: the letters “R” and “S” are connected in sequence. At the top, they appear symmetrically, like a mirror image, as the “R” has the same opening on the left side as the “S” does on the right. At the bottom, the glyphs are connected by a wide band that curves smoothly. Four thin horizontal lines underscore the emblem. This version was seen in animated series like “Fangface” and “Thundarr The Barbarian.”

1982 – 1991

Ruby-Spears Enterprises Logo 1982

In 1981, the company was acquired by Taft Broadcasting. Designers altered its logo, giving the monogram a new shape. Now, the right part of the “R” connects with the “S,” which resembles a zigzag with even lines. Both letters are tilted to the right, creating an effect of movement. The emblem appears three-dimensional due to the golden gradient and sharp transition of shades, creating an impression of shadowed and illuminated sides. This graphic sign first appeared on the screen on September 12, 1981, and was featured in cartoons such as Dink the Little Dinosaur, Centurions, and It’s Punky Brewster.

1992 – 1996

Ruby Spears Logo

In 1991, Ruby-Spears separated from Taft Broadcasting and operated independently until it closed in 1996. The logo of this final period contains the inscription “RUBY-SPEARS PRODUCTIONS” in a visually heavy font. All letters are in uppercase, with some having barely noticeable horizontal openings on the left. This wordmark was only seen in two shows: Mega Man and Skysurfer Strike Force.

Font and Colors

Ruby Spears Emblem

In the emblem used until the animation studio’s closure, the inscription was set in the Revue font. It was developed by Colin Brignall for Letraset. Officially, it is considered sans-serif, but several capital letters have small protrusions in the upper left corner.

The primary version of the logo is black and white. However, on the screen, it could appear in other colors, including a shimmering golden gradient, a remnant from the “RS” monogram era.

Ruby Spears Symbol