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A comprehensive protection system consisting of individual links is presented to the user by the Runbox logo. To open the mailbox, you need to overcome many locks and obstacles. Therefore, the personal information of the service customers is like that in a steel safe.

Runbox: Brand overview

Oslo, Norway
Runbox is a Norwegian company offering secure email services to over 100 countries. Security methods include strong client authentication and encrypted communication within the system. The Runbox platform was officially launched in 2011. Over 100 million users are actively using this service to send and receive files via email.

Meaning and History

Runbox Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level due to the modern logo, made incorporates colors. The logo has not changed since the launch of the project but still clearly conveys the features of the Runbox operation.

The secure email logo consists of two elements: the name of the company itself and the logo, which is located on the left. The word inscription is made using a classic sans-serif font using lowercase letters. Dark blue is the main color for both the brand name and emblem. It is a cube that is assembled from individual parts of the mosaic. Runbox’s management points out that it is next to impossible for third parties to receive information sent by email through their service. The three-dimensional figure was also not chosen by chance because it indicates many ways to counter intruders.

What is Runbox?

First of all, it is an opportunity to send confidential information to a work partner or acquaintance without worries. For more than ten years of operation on the market, the platform has established itself as a safe resource that can protect customers’ data.

The minimalism and conciseness of the logo did not prevent the company from conveying a clear message to potential users, pointing out to them the privacy problems that exist in the global network.

Runbox 7

Runbox 7 Logo

The success of Runbox led the company to launch Runbox 7. Special software greatly simplifies the user’s interaction with the Runbox system on any browser. In addition, a mobile application was developed, which allowed customers to work through smartphones and tablets.

As expected, Runbox 7 also has its logo. The name Runbox 7 is in blue. All letters in the word inscription are lowercase. The classic bold font was used, and the characters were stylized as a digital version. The brand name’s right is an image of a checkmark pointing to the right. It has several elongated stripes.

Thus, the company separated the main functionality of secure email and developments related to additional software.

Font and Colors

Runbox Emblem

The verbal name of the brand is made in a classic sans-serif font using lowercase letters. The classic logo looks more simple and concise compared to Runbox 7. At the same time, both logos are similar, which creates a sense of the platform’s identity and all its components.

Runbox Symbol

At all stages of the platform’s functioning, the main color was blue and its shades. We are talking about both the brand name and additional elements, including the emblem of the cube. The choice of such a color palette indicates the confidence and ambition of the project.

Runbox color codes

Uranian BlueHex color:#a0dbf8
RGB:160 219 248
CMYK:35 12 0 3
Pantone:PMS Blue 0821 C
Blue GrayHex color:#5b98d1
RGB:91 152 209
CMYK:56 27 0 16
Pantone:PMS 2925 C
Green BlueHex color:#2285cf
RGB:34 133 207
CMYK:84 36 0 16
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#035da0
RGB:3 93 160
CMYK:98 42 0 37
Pantone:PMS 2945 C