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The Sahibinden logo demonstrates diversity and accessibility for everyone. No one will leave without a good mood and a purchase. The emblem shows that the platform is a great meeting place with many offers.

Sahibinden: Brand overview

Founded: April 2000
Founder: Taner Aksoy
On Sahibinden, you can find any product, rent an office space, buy an apartment, or rent a car. All transactions are made directly, without intermediaries, because the trading platform operates in an online newspaper format. But only Turkish-speaking users have such an opportunity because the portal interface is not even translated into English. Despite language restrictions, Sahibinden is one of Turkey’s largest specialized websites and is recognized as the best in its segment.

Meaning and History

Sahibinden Symbol

In 1999, Taner Aksoy decided that it was an outdated practice to publish ads in magazines and newspapers. He wanted to reorganize the retail space and create a separate Internet portal to advertise their products or buy what they want. This is how Sahibinden was born, which replaced paper media.

It differs from classic online stores in the absence of intermediaries. That is, visitors can contact the owner directly for details, request additional photos, and bargain. Products are presented in different categories such as apparel, real estate, automobiles, electronics, and home appliances. There are also sections with services and job offers.

Sahibinden is still owned by Taner Aksoy and is part of the Turkish company Aksoy Group. Moreover, the portal exists in a virtual format: it has three regional offices in large cities and a central headquarters in the capital. Despite this, the .com domain is always added to the brand name – even on the logo, which has never changed since the online newspaper was founded.

The recognizable Sahibinden emblem is similar to a sign: it can be displayed above the entrance to the store or rather on the market because the trade on the portal takes place without intermediaries’ participation. Such associations arise from the distinctive shape of the trademark. It looks like a yellow rectangle stretched horizontally and contains the black text.

This symbol is used not only as a logo but also as an advertising banner. It does a great job with the marketing function because the site’s address is shown inside the quadrangle. Thanks to the designers’ foresight, one glance is enough to understand what the logo belongs to and how to find a marketplace on the Internet. The domain is never omitted in the “” label. Moreover, this is the official brand name, and the version without “.com” is considered incomplete.

Font and Colors

Sahibinden Emblem

The designers decided to make a bright and recognizable logo without using complex elements. Therefore, it consists only of an inscription and a primitive geometric figure. The font is also as simple as possible: the name is made in a standard sans serif without additional decorative details. The letters are rounded, and all the dots (two above the “i” and one before the “com”) are square. There are many sharp and right angles. The thickness of the lines differs in different areas, and this creates a sense of dynamics.

There are only two colors on the emblem, but their contrast looks very beneficial in terms of marketing. A rich yellow shade is used as the background, and the site name Sahibinden is completely black. This combination is ideal for advertising because it draws attention to the Turkish platform and makes it recognizable among thousands of other similar sites.

Sahibinden color codes

Golden Yellow Hex color: #ffef00
RGB: 255 239 0
CMYK: 0 6 100 0
Pantone: PMS 3945 C
Eerie Black Hex color: #1f191a
RGB: 31 25 26
CMYK: 0 19 16 88
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C