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The emblem, in the form of a monochromatic round medallion containing a monogram of two letters from the name, represents the visual identity of the club from San Diego. The name and logo of the San Diego Padres reflect the brand’s close connection to the city, its history, and its founders.

San Diego Padres: Brand overview

Founder:Peter Seidler
San Diego, California

The San Diego Padres is a professional baseball club that has been part of MLB since 2000 and represents the NL West Division. The team was formed in 1969 and is currently located in San Diego, California. It is the only major sports organization in the city after the Chargers’ relocation.

The franchise was granted as one of four expansion teams. Its first owner was C. Arnholt Smith, the founder of PCL Padres and a businessman involved in airlines, real estate, hotels, tuna fishing, and banking. He managed the club until 1974, when he put it up for sale.

Initially, there was a preliminary deal with Joseph Danzansky, owner of a large grocery chain, who wanted to move the franchise to Washington. However, legal disputes hindered the purchase. At the same time, Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald’s, left his position and was looking for a new business. Learning about the sale of the San Diego Padres, he purchased it for 12 million dollars. Thus, the team remained in its hometown.

Ten years later, Kroc, gradually disillusioned with the players’ abilities, transferred management to his daughter Joan and son-in-law Ballard Smith. In 1990, the club went to Tom Werner, who owned it for four years. Then, it was bought by John Moores. Since August 28, 2012, Ronald L. Fowler has been the owner of the San Diego Padres.

The club received its name from the former representatives of the Pacific Coast League. It’s related to San Diego’s history: “padres” translates from Spanish as “father” or “holy father.” This Californian city saw the first mission of Franciscan monks from Spain, who created this settlement. Thus, the administration expressed gratitude to the city’s founders. Moreover, the franchise has never changed its name.

Meaning and History

San Diego Padres Logo History

Throughout its sports career, the San Diego Padres had numerous different logos and four color schemes. The combination of brown and gold is considered its signature palette. Most graphic symbolism versions had radical differences until a neutral logo appeared, succinctly reflecting the concept. The very first logo from 1969 depicted a monk with a baseball bat, and by 2015, the team had arrived at a minimalist version with the letters “SD,” symbolizing the team’s name. The team’s original colors were brown and gold.

What is San Diego Padres?

A Major League Baseball franchise named after a team that played in the Pacific Coast League from 1936 to 1968. They are not related except for the common name. The new “San Diego Padres” joined the National League West in 1969 and have not won the World Series since then.

1969 – 1984

San Diego Padres Logo 1969-1984

The first logo featured a monk in a brown robe holding a white baseball bat. The image was placed inside a yellow circle. The full name of the team was located under the image and was in brown.


San Diego Padres logo 1985

The next logo lasted one year, during which the “Padres” switched to using the full name. The word Padres was placed diagonally in huge letters in the center in dark brown with a red outline. The phrase “San Diego. Baseball Club” was typed in thin black font.

1986 – 1989

San Diego Padres Logo 1986-1989

The phrase “San Diego Baseball Club” was removed from the logo, leaving only the dark brown word “Padres” in the center of the logo.


San Diego Padres logo 1990

The fourth logo was based on an image of a gray ring with an orange outline, on which “San Diego Baseball Club” was written. In the foreground was the word “Padres,” typed in the same font and color as in the previous logo.


San Diego Padres logo 1991

Color changes in the logo occurred in 1991. The ring became silver with an added blue outline, and the inscription on it turned dark blue. The name color changed from dark brown to dark blue.

1992 – 2003

San Diego Padres Logo 1992-2003

For the next 11 years, the “San Diego Padres” used a striking logo with changing colors. The ring, present in the previous logo, became white, as did its core, inside which thin dark blue stripes appeared. The full team name, as well as the word Padres, remained dark blue.

2004 – 2010

San Diego Padres Logo 2004-2010

In 2004, the club completely changed the logo concept due to the stadium change. At its core was a pentagon with a yellow outline, inside which was depicted dark blue sky and blue-green waves. In the upper right corner, there was a small inscription with the city name in sand color. The word “Padres” was placed in the center in huge white letters, complemented by a thin sand outline.


San Diego Padres logo 2011

In 2011, there were no changes except for the removal of the word “San-Diego” from the logo.

2012 – 2014

San Diego Padres Logo 2012-2014

The logo concept changed again. In the 2012 season, the “Padres” introduced a new logo, the basis of which was a dark blue circle with two white outlines. On the outside, the words “San Diego Padres Baseball Club” were written in white print letters, and in the center were the intertwined letters S and D, corresponding to the city name San Diego.

2015 – 2019

San Diego Padres Logo 2015-2019

For the 2016 season, the franchise received a new logo. It is extremely simple – both in terms of elements and color. The rondelle shape, inscription, and other details were removed. The current version features two key symbols – “S” and “D,” vertically arranged on a white background. They denote the team’s first letters and are artistically intertwined. The color is dark blue with full filling. The monogram has no other shades or outlining. The ends of the letter “S” and the side of “D” have light protruding serifs.

2019 – today

San Diego Padres Logo 2020-Present

The updated logo did not receive significant changes. The letter color was replaced with black, and the serifs at the ends were slightly reduced.

San Diego Padres: Interesting Facts

The San Diego Padres, a baseball team that started in 1969, have a lot of cool things about them that make them stand out.

  1. Why They’re Called Padres: Their name comes from the Spanish friars who founded San Diego in 1769. It’s a nod to the city’s history.
  2. First No-Hitter: The team was the only one without a no-hitter game for a long time. That changed on April 9, 2021, when Joe Musgrove, who grew up in San Diego, pitched the first one for the team.
  3. Tony Gwynn: Known as “Mr. Padre,” Tony Gwynn is one of the best hitters ever. He played all 20 years with the Padres, winning eight batting titles.
  4. Petco Park: Their stadium opened in 2004 and has amazing views of San Diego and a special area called “Park at the Park.” It’s right in the middle of downtown and is known for being fan-friendly.
  5. World Series: The Padres have been to the World Series twice, in 1984 and 1998, but haven’t won yet. They played against the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.
  6. Camouflage Uniforms: They were the first MLB team to wear camouflage uniforms to show support for the military, as San Diego has a big military community.
  7. The Chicken: Although he’s not officially part of the team, the San Diego Chicken has become famous for entertaining game fans since the 1970s.
  8. Hall of Famers: Apart from Tony Gwynn, other Padres Hall of Famers include Dave Winfield and Trevor Hoffman, one of the game’s best closers.
  9. Colors: They originally used brown and gold colors, which they brought back in 2020. This unique look connects them to their early days.
  10. Fernando Tatis Jr.: This exciting young player who’s quickly become the team’s star. He’s known for his amazing skills and fun personality.

The San Diego Padres have a rich history, cool traditions, and some memorable players that make them a beloved team in baseball.

Font and Colors

San Diego Padres Emblem

Since the team’s inception to the present day, it has had eleven logos. It all started in 1969 with the image of a priest hitting a ball with a bat. Subsequently, other images appeared, becoming part of the franchise’s visual style. Usually, it was a version using the word “Padres.”

Having gone through many transformations, the emblem received a monogram consisting of the initials of the first half of the name – “San Diego.” This version first appeared in 2012 when the intertwined abbreviation was included in the logo as a print. A few years later, its minimalist form was approved – in the form of intersecting “S” and “D.”

San Diego Padres Symbol

The debut logo used a sans-serif font, grotesque – straight and without serifs. Then a triple font appeared, which lasted until 2003: the word “San Diego” was executed in a classic thin font in the upper case, “Padres” – in a separate, lowercase “Baseball Club” – in italics. From 2004, the central inscription also became slanted and rounded. It was written in a semi-coherent font. Now, the text is absent.

As for the color component of the logo, it’s simple here: in the current version, brown (monogram) and white (background) predominate. Yellow (another official team color) was only present in the very first emblem.

San Diego Padres color codes

Navy BlueHex color:#002d62
RGB:30 49 96
CMYK:100 68 0 54
Pantone:PMS 282 C


What does the “San Diego Padres” logo represent?

The San Diego Padres logo represents a monogram of the intertwined letters S and D, symbolizing the club’s city. A serif font is used for the letters. The S wraps around the vertical line of the D from the left side and disrupts its continuity.

Why is the “Padres” mascot a monk?

The mascot, Swinging Friar, is associated with the baseball club’s name. “Padre” translates from Spanish as “father,” which in many religions is synonymous with “priest.” The “San Diego Padres” inherited the mascot “Swinging Friar” from its namesake in the Pacific Coast League.

When did the “Padres” change their logo?

The new “San Diego Padres” logo appeared in 2020. The structure remained the same, but the designers changed the shape of some lines and recolored the SP monogram from dark blue to brown.

Why are the “San Diego Padres” called that?

The history of this name dates back to 1968 when the owner of the “San Diego Padres” from the Pacific Coast League relinquished the franchise and sold its name to the new team now known as the “San Diego Padres” of the National League. It is a tribute to the history of San Diego, a city founded by priests of the Catholic order.