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SaxonAir: Brand overview

SaxonAir, a regional airline based in Norwich, England, came into existence in 2007 under the auspices of Klyne Aviation. In the same year, the airline began operating flights, mainly on the Norwich to Amsterdam route, using a limited fleet of turboprop aircraft.

In the following years, SaxonAir, based in Norwich, opened additional European and British destinations, launching routes to cities such as Aberdeen, Munich, and Rotterdam. However, the airline struggled to stay afloat financially as passenger numbers fell below target by 2009. The presence of low-cost carriers created stiff competition, and SaxonAir found it difficult to win back market share.

In October 2009, SaxonAir announced plans to cease operations due to unprofitability. The airline had accumulated significant debts over the years. In the end, SaxonAir operated for about two and a half years, during which time it served over 100,000 passengers, connecting eastern England to Europe through its regional routes.

SaxonAir’s failure to establish itself as a sustainable regional carrier from Norwich is often attributed to high operating costs and insufficient demand. Observers cite these as the main reasons for the airline’s collapse.

After SaxonAir ceased operations, its parent company, Klyne Aviation, returned to its core business of charter flights and aircraft maintenance.

Meaning and History

SaxonAir Logo History

2007 – today

SaxonAir Logo

The SaxonAir trademark is designed in a font with broad letters that evoke a sense of space and freedom. The simple and clear inscription is accompanied by a figure consisting of two elements: an elongated triangle and a polygon resembling a stylized arrow with one rounded edge. This part of the emblem is a geometric abstraction and has no specific meaning. However, its shape creates a sense of rapid movement, as if the airplane flying forward leaves behind an intriguing trail.

The arrow-like shape with a rounded edge subtly conveys the concept of advanced technology or innovation, which is in keeping with the aviation theme. The broad lettering of the word mark and geometric abstraction together create a cohesive visual identity that reflects the brand’s essence of aviation.