SCP Logo


“Attention, everyone here,” the SCP logo is calling. The emblem seems to hypnotize the user and move him to the portal of another reality. The symbols point to a special device that helps track dangerous activity and move to eliminate it.

SCP: Brand overview

SCP Foundation is a fantasy literary and game project with a secret community and website. It is dedicated to a fictional universe with paranormal and menacing phenomena, entities, and objects. Its key task is to contain the threats to this world from otherworldly forces. It has a list of dangerous objects of various shapes and statuses and a mobile group for instant response when paranormal activity appears. The intruder is captured and taken to the department for a detailed study. The organization’s status is high secrecy so as not to sow panic among the people. It has been operating since 2008 and is a collective project, the name of which is the abbreviation “Secure, Contain, Protect.”

Meaning and History

SCP Symbol

The paranormal research team creates a sense of the reality of what is happening. To do this, she uses a strictly regulated style of documentary articles describing the “studied” objects, many of which exist. They are recorded and numbered. For example, SCP 087 refers to an endless staircase leading down into uncharted space. In the dark, an entity of SCP 087-1 appears on it with a frightening face without lips, nostrils, or pupils.

There is also a sculpture of SCP 173, from which you cannot look away or blink as it remains motionless. However, when blinking, it approaches and strangles the viewer. SCP ID 294 is a mysterious IKEA supermarket with a huge space that goes nowhere and humanoid beings in store uniforms that attack in the dark but are harmless in the light.

What is SCP?

SCP is a secret community, website, and open-source horror computer game. All events are associated with threats posed by otherworldly forces intending to harm humanity. The name stands for “Secure. Contain. Protect “.

Users still suggest many other creepy images since the basic part of the project is textual content submitted in the form of internal documentation describing anomalies. But there are also full-fledged fiction stories. All this gave rise to laudatory reviews because the academic presentation style perfectly conveys a state of horror. The SCP Foundation has inspired much work, including the video game Containment Breach.

Moreover, the Secret Service is constantly working to maintain normal life on the planet so that the civilian population does not know anything about the constant confrontation. The task of the organization’s members is to prevent terrible incidents and enable people to lead a normal existence without doubts, fears, and mistrust. In addition, the secret society supports the independence of humanity from extra-dimensional and extraterrestrial phenomena, creatures, and anomalies. This concept is directly reflected in the personal SCP mark.

Complemented by dry articles and statistics, classic fears, and horrors exude a sense of real events. These facts are also reflected in the logo. Moreover, he got into a scandal when Andrey Duksin, who had been promoting the project for some time, decided to get a patent to appropriate and monetize it. However, he was refused. It is now an independent circle-shaped symbol that resembles a drawing part.

The logo has a print shape with three rectangular projections at the edges, which is very symbolic. Three arrows are directed from them to the center. These are the designations of three missions:

  1. Secure, which embodies the continuous work to identify otherworldly entities.
  2. Contain hides anomalous manifestations and suppresses the spread of information about them to prevent an impact on humanity.
  3. Protect, which protects people from the negative effects of dangerous objects.

They also make up the abbreviation “SCP.”

In the middle is a white space with arrowheads. A wide black stripe surrounds them. Each country has its color adaptation since there is no officially approved version. But the basic elements remain the same.

SCP: Interesting Facts

The SCP Foundation has woven a distinct and expansive fictional realm, captivating fans globally with its mix of horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

  1. Collective Creativity: The SCP Foundation thrives on collaborative efforts, welcoming contributions worldwide to craft tales about mysterious objects, beings, and places within its universe.
  2. Digital Birth: Emerging from a 2007 paranormal thread on 4chan about SCP-173, a creature with extraordinary speed when unobserved, the concept quickly gained traction, leading to a dedicated website and a flourishing community.
  3. Core Mission: “Secure, Contain, Protect” encapsulates the SCP Foundation’s goal of managing and concealing anomalies from the public and governments, ensuring the ordinary remains separate from the extraordinary.
  4. Diverse Narratives: The SCP Foundation encompasses an array of anomalies in thousands of articles, alongside tales that delve into its operations, members, and the broader universe.
  5. Intricate Containment Methods: Each anomaly is accompanied by specific containment strategies, blending narrative creativity with a flair for technical detail, enhancing the universe’s depth.
  6. Anomaly Classification: Based on containment difficulty, anomalies are categorized primarily as Safe, Euclid, or Keter. Additional classifications like Thaumiel and Apollyon offer nuanced insights into the SCPs’ complexities.
  7. A Dynamic and Interactive World: Thanks to ongoing contributions, the SCP universe continuously evolves, shaped by its community’s imagination and storytelling prowess.
  8. Inspiration for Games and More: The SCP Foundation has sparked the creation of video games, notably “SCP: Containment Breach,” and extended its influence to films and series, demonstrating its impact beyond writing.
  9. Community Contributions: All SCP Foundation content is freely provided by its writer and artist community under a Creative Commons license, supporting open sharing and adaptation while prohibiting commercial use.
  10. Worldwide Engagement: Translated into numerous languages, the SCP Foundation enjoys a global following, with dedicated branches for various linguistic groups, making its mysterious universe globally accessible.

The SCP Foundation exemplifies the power of collective imagination, illustrating how digital platforms can unite creative minds worldwide to build a rich, complex shared narrative.

Font and Colors

SCP Emblem

The text can be anything since it is not used in the main version. The palette is not varied and consists of monochrome black (shapes, arrows, lines) and white (background).


What is the SCP logo based on?

The SCP logo was designed by Far2 using free graphics from the Adobe Illustrator “Mad Science” resource library. This image is based on the familiar ESD warning symbol. The brand used this symbol because it fits well with the theme of handling unusual, dangerous objects.

Aelanna later improved the logo by creating a high-resolution PNG version, making it clearer and suitable for various online and print purposes. This version retains the original design but improves performance on various platforms. Using the electrostatic charge warning symbol in the logo helps convey a sense of caution and danger.

When was SCP made?

SCP was founded in 2007 on the “paranormal” board /x/ on 4chan. It all started with an anonymous post from a user, later identified as Wesley “Moto42” Williams, which introduced the first SCP file, SCP-173. The post included an image of Japanese artist Izumi Kato’s sculpture Untitled 2004. This first file intrigued other users and sparked the creation of a community dedicated to writing about supernatural entities and unusual artifacts. Over time, this community has grown into a large writing organization with many stories and media exploring this fictional universe.

What does the SCP logo represent?

The SCP logo symbolizes protection and secrecy. It features geometric shapes such as circles and arrows and a central structure with three trapezoidal protrusions resembling a mechanical device, indicating precision and coherence. The circles and arrows symbolize containment and direction, aligning with the brand’s goal of controlling supernatural beings. The trapezoidal shapes enhance the sense of structure and protection, emphasizing the theme of safeguarding against the unknown.

Is SCP illegal?

The SCP community and its content are legally licensed under a Creative Commons license. This license allows users to share and modify the material if they give credit and do not use it for commercial purposes without permission. The SCP website is also legal and serves as a central place for fans and writers to contribute to SCP stories. Although the community is legally recognized, it has no formal legal powers.

How many SCPs are there?

As of 2021, there are over 6,600 entries, with approximately 4,200 detailed on the SCP Wiki. This number continually increases as participants add new objects and entities. The brand is dynamic, and the collection of stories is constantly growing. The actual number may be higher than reported due to active community participation.