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Exciting adventures full of dangers and thrills are visible on the emblem. The Sea Of Thieves logo shines with the gold of pirates and promises that you will have to work hard to receive the reward. Only those who are strong in body and spirit will be able to emerge victorious.

Sea of Thieves: Brand overview

Founded:20 March 2018
Critical reactions to the Sea Of Thieves computer quest have been mixed. It was named the best multiplayer game of 2016 and was ranked first in the most disappointing new products in 2018. In any case, this action-adventure did not leave anyone indifferent. Initially, the release was planned for 2016, but it was postponed twice for technical reasons. The final release date has been pushed back to the first half of 2018 by Microsoft Studios.

Meaning and History

Sea of Thieves Logo History

British company Rare, known for its 3D platformers for Nintendo and Xbox consoles, in 2014, decided to create something like Rust, DayZ, or Eve Online. At first, the developers wanted to populate the virtual world with dinosaurs or vampires, but then they changed their minds and made a real pirate action movie. This is how Sea Of Thieves was born – an adventure quest filled with brave sailors, underwater monsters, mysterious islands, and treasure searches.

This is an open-world pirate life simulator. Gamers can customize characters like in casual RPGs while building, repairing, and upgrading ships. There is also a treasure chest, but everyone has their own. You don’t have to look for him – you can engage in robberies, fight other pirates, or explore the boundless universe.

What is Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is an online game that allows players to immerse themselves in a pirate adventure atmosphere and explore a vast world while completing various tasks. Users can fight against each other, engage in battles with monsters, search for treasures, trade goods, and gather resources at sea and on land. The game was released in 2018, with Microsoft Studios as the publisher and Rare as the developer.

The Sea Of Thieves logo fits the bill. It has many versions, and all depict a human skull. It may be Adam’s head from the Jolly Roger flag, but in this case, the two crossed bones are missing at the bottom. The designers compensated for their lack of detailed drawings.

Even in the most minimalistic version of the emblem, you can see that three armed pirates’ silhouettes shape the teeth, and the nose and right eye socket are boulders. The patch on the left eye consists of a sailboat and clouds. In this case, the skull itself looks like a gap at the exit from the cave, where people are hiding.

In addition to the simple version of the logo, an extended version looks like a full-fledged pirate life illustration. It is used on CD covers along with the stylized ‘Sea Of Thieves’ lettering. This is a whole plot scene with characters, a fantastic atmosphere, and high-quality computer graphics.

The cartoonish style of play is reflected in the emblem. The color image resembles an episode from an action-adventure cartoon. The main characters are four brave pirates who are hiding on an island in a cave. They stand with their backs to the viewer and watch the unfolding sea battle. All elements, again, are lined up in the shape of a skull. Only in this case, there is no cloud patch on the eye.

Sea Of Thieves Symbol

The nose is made of black rocks towering above the water. They look like the Grim Reaper, a fictional character of death from legend. This character is appropriate here because rocks and small islands in Sea Of Thieves are dangerous for any gamer. The emblem next to the rock shows pirates sitting in a boat and fighting off sharks.

The left eye is a large three-deck ship with a latrine figure. A giant Kraken drowns it with long tentacles. Ironically, this same cephalopod mollusk is painted on the sails of the ship.

The right eye of the skull is composed of a boulder and a flying ivy gull. A storm broke out in the background: lead clouds, a thunderstorm, high waves are visible. The second three-deck ship got into a deadly storm. He barely manages to escape the lightning and head towards the shore.

Thus, the game’s logo reflects all the dangers that await gamers on the way to the treasure. But a faint ray of light on the left side gives hope that everything will turn out well and the pirates will be able to escape to continue their wanderings.

Sea of Thieves: Interesting Facts

“Sea of Thieves” is an action-adventure game by Rare, released in March 2018. It’s a pirate-themed game where players explore an open world, battle, and search for treasure alone or with friends.

  1. Made by Rare: Rare, the studio behind “Sea of Thieves,” is famous for games like “Banjo-Kazooie.” This game was a new direction for them, focusing on multiplayer gameplay in a big open world.
  2. Play Together Across Devices: With cross-platform play, you can play “Sea of Thieves” on Xbox One and PC, bringing more players into the game.
  3. Becoming a Pirate Legend: The game challenges players to become Pirate Legends, unlocking special quests and items. It takes time and skill to get this status.
  4. A Changing World: The game’s world changes with the weather and time of day, making each voyage different. Storms and nighttime add to the challenge and fun.
  5. Realistic Water: The game is known for its realistic water, which many say is the best in any game. The ocean changes with the weather and interacts with ships and players in a lifelike way.
  6. Continuous Updates: Rare keeps adding new things to “Sea of Thieves,” like the “The Hungering Deep” update, which brought new events and tools. These updates keep the game exciting.
  7. A Strong Community: “Sea of Thieves” players share their stories, organize events, and create content together. The game also hosts special events to bring players together.
  8. Tall Tales: For those who like stories, “Tall Tales” quests offer adventures with puzzles and battles, diving into the game’s lore.
  9. For Everyone: Rare made sure “Sea of Thieves” is accessible, with options for colorblind players, subtitles, and customizable controls, so more people can enjoy playing.
  10. Award-Winning: The game has won awards for its gameplay, community spirit, and graphics. It’s recognized as a standout multiplayer game.

“Sea of Thieves” is more than just a game; it’s a pirate adventure where you can explore, fight, and team up in a beautiful, changing world. Rare’s commitment to the game ensures it stays fresh and fun for players everywhere.

Font and Colors

Sea Of Thieves Emblem

The Sea Of Thieves caption looks as fantastic as the storyline illustration. The designers used a stylized font similar to the commercial typeface BrushtipTexe. Its developer is the JOEBOB graphics printing studio. The letters look like they were written with a brush.

The color scheme is very wide because the artists thought through every detail and made the logo colors. This applies to the full-color version that can be seen on discs with a computer game. There are also black and white variants and logos with green, yellow, or red skulls. In all cases (except for monochrome), the drawing is decorated with a gradient. The lettering combines several shades, which makes it appear to be made of shiny metal.

Sea of Thieves color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C