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SFlix: Brand overview

The advent of SFlix Cabs in 2020 marked the beginning of a new era for movie and TV lovers. Emerging as a complementary platform to Netflix, the company set out to ensure that viewers could enjoy their favorite shows and movies regardless of their monetary means.

In its launch year, SFlix offered viewers the ability to watch movies in HD without ads, eliminating the need to register. By 2021, the hype around this free alternative to Netflix began to gain momentum, leading to a surge in its popularity. By the following year, SFlix had over 10,000 movies and shows in its content vault, all available without any streaming fees. In 2023, the platform continued to evolve. With the introduction of mobile apps, an updated look and feel to the site, and plans to expand internationally, SFlix aims to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community of user.

SFlix’s impact on the online streaming industry is clear. SFlix has democratized access to movies and TV series, reaching audiences around the world and competing with established subscription-based platforms like Netflix.

Meaning and History

SFlix Logo History

2020 – 2021

SFlix Logo 2020

2021 – today

SFlix Logo

SFlix color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#01a0db
RGB:1 160 219
CMYK:100 27 0 14
Pantone:PMS 801 C
Robin’s Egg BlueHex color:#00c8c7
RGB:0 200 199
CMYK:100 0 0 22
Pantone:PMS 3262 C
Algae GreenHex color:#7cdfad
RGB:124 223 173
CMYK:44 0 22 13
Pantone:PMS 3385 C