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Sharp Airlines: Brand overview

Founded in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia, in 1990, Sharp Airlines began its journey as an air cab and charter service provider. The early 1990s saw the transition to scheduled passenger flights connecting various regional locations in Victoria and South Australia, including the Hamilton to Portland route.

Over time, Sharp has expanded its wings by adding new Australian destinations to its route map, including New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. Sharp carved out a niche for itself by operating twin-rotor aircraft primarily on regional routes, connecting small towns to major population centers, and providing significant offshore support to the oil and gas industry.

In 2007, a new phase of Sharp’s development began when it was acquired by Aviation Australia Group. This move led to a marked expansion of the fleet, which by 2013 numbered more than ten aircraft.

With more than 400 flights a week, Sharp Airlines now serves 15 destinations across Australia. Its services have proved indispensable to regional areas not covered by major national airlines. In its three decades of existence, Sharp has become Australia’s leading independent regional airline, providing essential air service to remote cities and centers.

Meaning and History

Sharp Airlines Logo History

1990 – today

Sharp Airlines Logo

The designers used the motif of a receding road to depict a flying airplane leaving behind a long plume. In the background is a huge yellow sun, symbolizing positivity, happiness, and eternity. Next to it is the name Sharp Airlines written in one line in blue italic letters. The smooth font of the name conveys a sense of security, as passengers should trust the airline.

The road going off into the distance like an airplane’s footprint is a clever visual metaphor that combines road and air travel, emphasizing the airline’s role in getting people to their destination. The yellow sun illuminates the entire design and gives it an optimistic connotation, signifying hopeful travel and favorable travel conditions.