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The Silk Way West Airlines logo takes a minimalist approach by focusing solely on the company’s name, without any additional decorative elements. The name is broken into two lines: the top line features “silkway,” and the bottom line showcases “west airlines.” All the letters are blue, with the first and third words appearing in a darker shade and the middle word in a lighter one. This color scheme resonates with sky-like associations. The font closely resembles Pragmatica Book by ParaType, harmonizing smooth curves with straight lines.

The choice of minimalism in the brand’s visual identity allows for a sharp focus on its name. By eschewing other graphical elements, the airline aims to direct the viewer’s attention solely toward its identity, emphasizing its singular brand voice. The absence of additional imagery suggests that the airline prioritizes substance over flair. The core message, then, is one of clarity, precision, and transparency.

BlueBlue, the dominant color in the design, is no casual pick. It’s interesting to note that Silk Way West Airlines leans into shades of blue, which universally signify tranquility, reliability, and depth. Here, the blue isn’t just blue; it’s a sky at different times of day, suggesting a vast range of services and reliability.

The typeface mimics the Pragmatica Book, and this decision isn’t just about aesthetics. The interplay between smooth curves and straight lines establishes a harmonious balance, underlining the company’s equilibrium between modernity and tradition. The characters’ even spacing and neat arrangement contribute to the sense of stability and integrity, further solidifying the airline’s dedication to consistent service and dependability.

The variation in shades of blue between the first and third words and the second one serves a dual purpose. The contrast adds visual interest, making the name pop. On the other hand, it subtly distinguishes between the different elements of the brand identity, potentially alluding to the diverse offerings and services under the airline’s umbrella.

The minimalistic yet thoughtful design of the logo embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering an uncluttered, high-quality experience.

Silk Way West Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 2012
Founder: Silk Way Group
Baku, Azerbaijan
Silk Way West Airlines, an Azerbaijan-based cargo airline, embarked on its journey in 2012, originating as a branch of the Silk Way Group of companies. The airline’s operations started in May 2012 from Baku, with an initial fleet comprising three Boeing 747 cargo planes.

In the ensuing years, Silk Way West bolstered its fleet by incorporating additional Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft, allowing for service expansion across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. By 2015, Silk Way West had a fleet of over ten cargo aircraft, ferrying more than 350,000 tons of freight annually and transforming Baku into a crucial cargo hub.

A milestone was reached in 2016 when Silk Way West joined forces with Boeing to procure ten new 747-8 freighter planes, an investment of $1.6 billion. This strategic partnership paved the way for further growth. Silk Way West operates an exclusively Boeing fleet consisting of 15 freighter aircraft, making it Azerbaijan’s preeminent cargo airline.

The airline proudly offers cargo services to over 40 global destinations and purports to connect Europe and Asia via the shortest trans-Caspian route facilitated by their Baku hub. The airline’s yearly cargo turnover surpasses 500,000 tons.

In just ten years, Silk Way West has escalated rapidly to become a prominent cargo carrier in Eurasia and the CIS region, capitalizing on Azerbaijan’s advantageous geographic location.

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