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The logo of the fantasy order of the Sith is dedicated to the dark side because the philosophy of this group is associated with anger, hatred, greed, deceit, and lust for power.

Sith: Brand overview

Founded:c. 5,000 BBY or prior (canon) c. 6,900 BBY (Legends)
Founder:Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Tyranus, Darth Maul
Sith Temple, Moraband / Korriban

Among the representatives of the Sith is an ancient religious organization from the Star Wars universe. Their home world is Moraband/Korriban, where the cult temple is located. In addition, the places of their deployment at different times were Coruscant, Mustafar, and Exegol. The founding date of the fraternity is 5,000 BBY or a little earlier, according to the canons. And according to legend, it arose in 6,900 BBY.

The Sith is the main antagonistic force featured in Star Wars. It is opposed to another powerful organization called the Jedi. Her incarnation is an ancient monastic brotherhood, which includes the owners of supernatural abilities. The Order’s key driving motive is revenge on the Jedi and galactic domination.

Meaning and History

Sith Logo History

Like any ideology reflected in the franchise, the concept of representatives of this group is based on chivalry, feudalism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, ancient Greek mythology, Hinduism, and other philosophical currents. At the same time, the Sith adopted everything negative and dark from them, and the Jedi took the positive and light.

These two forces serve opposite concepts, remaining at diametrically different poles and acting as irreconcilable enemies. Visual identity is subject to the same canons. In both the first and second Sith logos, the main postulate was centrifugal, in which power is concentrated in one character, and all the rest depend on him and obey him.

As a result, the key elements of the emblem are a vicious circle – the personification of limited space beyond which no one should go. Moreover, the dark side of the Star Wars universe has two symbols. One was used before the defeat of the order, and the other appeared later when the organization’s remnants again formed an alliance.

What is Sith?

The Sith are an order of antagonists, enemies of the Jedi from the Star Wars franchise. According to legend, he represents a dark force in the fantasy world, which arose in 6,900 BBY (according to the canons – approximately 5,000 BBY). The philosophy of this organization is associated with a thirst for omnipotence, deceit, hatred, and malice. Her homeland is Moraband / Korriban.


Sith Old Logo

The logo depicts a dark luminary. Instead of a bright center, it has a burgundy circle with a solid fill. The middle is surrounded by a thin white ring, which forms the so-called crown, which usually occurs during a solar eclipse. The light band forms a contrast: it promotes the idea of ​​impermanence and the risk of losing positive phenomena. At the same time, this line plays an important role in the graphics as it separates the center from the edges.

On the sides are thorn-like triangular elements resembling sunbeams. They are divided into four groups. The peaks on the right and left are smaller than the ones in the middle. All details, except the ring, are sharp, which supports the concept of constant antagonism.


Sith New Logo

The new Sith logo also features a circle but in a different configuration. In the center is a black spot covered with wide arrows that are directed in six different directions. At the end of each such figure is a triangular “hat,” resembling an arrowhead. Between all the protrusions, there is a white space, which enhances the black color, making it aggressive and contrasting. Along the edge of the geometric structure are the same triangular details but of a large size. In this case, they look like gable roofs.

Font and Colors

Sith Emblem

The visual identity of the Sith order is pure graphics. Through a geometric pattern, the organization conveys its concept and its worldview. She builds a model of the universe in this way, where, in her opinion, there should be only a dark center supported by the surrounding aggressive forces. The logo also denotes the active spread of negativity and the capture of nearby space. This is evidenced by the arrows going in all directions and the spike-like rays of the dark “sun.”

Sith Symbol

Neither the first nor the second Sith emblem contains text, as the drawing conveys the concept. The color palette consists of dark colors: burgundy (in the early logo) and black (in the later version). In both cases, the background is white space.

Sith color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C