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For the series of extreme sports games, the Skate logo has been chosen as serious, because that is their theme. This was done to ensure the focus and heightened attention of the players without distracting them from the process. As a result, the emblem turned out to be monochrome and textual.

Skate: Brand overview

Founded:September 13, 2007
Founder:Electronic Arts
United States
Skate is a series of computer games created and published with the support of Electronic Arts. EA Black Box developed the first three base releases. The debut took place in 2007. In 2013, the franchise was suspended for a while until the authors announced the release of the fourth installment. The video game is adapted for several popular platforms: iOS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It is also available on mobile phones.

Meaning and History

Skate Logo History

The Skate series began with three base parts for the seventh-generation consoles, intended for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An additional version was also released for the Nintendo console. A total of four games were released annually. In 2022, the developers announced another original game that will be free of charge.

The name of the game series is directly related to the plot and the theme of skating. Despite the expansion of extreme sports in the gaming industry, it remains unchanged, as it relates not only to skateboarding. The creators used business logos (two in total) to emphasize the seriousness of the challenges.

What is Skate?

Skate is a series of games developed by EA Black Box as part of a project launched by Electronic Arts. The first release appeared in 2007, followed by two more main and one additional release. In 2022, the publication of the fourth base part was announced. The games are designed for several platforms, including iOS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and mobile phone operating systems.

2007 – 2022

Skate Logo 2007

The earliest Skate logo consists of two parts: textual and graphical. On the left is an orange icon with a white arrow in negative space. The icon contains four colored geometric shapes arranged on the sides: two truncated rectangles and as many triangles. They are mirror-imaged and repeat each other. Thanks to an interesting design technique, the arrow points downward. This direction is not chosen by chance, as it conveys the vector of motion. On the right is the name of the game.

The inscription is executed originally using an individual font. Some letters have an even base reminiscent of sled runners, ice skates, snowboards, or skateboards. The even line is only absent in the “s,” which is rounded and perfectly conveys the shape of a skating ramp. Overall, the developers have turned each glyph in the name into an element of sports gear. The color of the inscription is black.

2022 – today

Skate Logo

Currently, a textual Skate emblem is used, where the arrow icon has been removed. The designers revised the style of the inscription and chose a different font. The update made the logo more readable and clear. The letters are printed, expressive, smooth, and classic. The only exception is the “e,” which, judging by the inner crossbar, is slightly tilted diagonally. This inclination symbolizes a hill for riding or a ramp and, essentially, replaces the arrow. Instead of the copyright symbol at the end of the word, there is a large, bold dot.

The evolution of the Skate logo led to a combined symbol, as designers managed to combine graphics and text in the modern version. They removed the downward-pointing arrow and turned the “e” sideways so its crossbar began to resemble a slope from which people usually ride sleds, skis, snowboards, and skateboards.

Font and Colors

Skate Emblem

Thanks to the diagonal cuts on the ends of the “s” and “e,” the font in the modern game emblem looks unique, although the shape of the letters is quite common. It is a bold sans-serif in lowercase with a flipped-back “e.” It is tilted to resemble a ramp-like structure for skateboarding or a gentle slope. The early logo contains a unique inscription designed in an individual style. The color palette of the emblem is monotonous and consists of a combination of black and white.

Skate Symbol

Skate color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C