ŠKODA introduces a new logo into its historical DNA

Skoda logo

At the end of August 2022, the Czech car manufacturer outlined a massive visual identity change. It is recognized as the most significant change in the last 30 years. According to the developers, everything can be traced in the new ŠKODA logo: the connection with the roots, the historical canons, the current modernism, and the desire to please customers.

First of all, it should be noted that the updated identity retained the main trump card of its genotype – green. In this case, it is represented by two shades: emerald and neon electrician Electrogreen. Thus, the company emphasized the focus on supporting innovative technologies because it plans to release a line of electric vehicles in 2030. As a result, the green color, ingrained in her DNA strand, provides a link to history and refreshes the logo simultaneously.

The second most important change in the emblem is the rejection of volume. Going into 2D is not a step back but a step forward because a simple image is more compatible with mobile devices. In addition, this is how the designers led the brand to the gradual transformation of branded cars so that their appearance meets the inherent characteristics and customer expectations.

Skoda Before and After Logo

In an effort to make the word “ŠKODA” even more expressive, the company’s employees assimilated the diacritic: they combined it with typography. As experts noted, it was one of the most difficult tasks, but they coped with it. Now the “hook” is gone because it’s embedded in the top of the “S.” A deep serif appeared on the glyph, which separates the left segment from the right, which has the structure of a clear trapezoid. The second part of the diacritic is hidden in “A” – more precisely, in the incised crossbar.

In addition to the latest text design, there are other changes. Even though the name will become the basis of the brand’s visual identity, the manufacturer has not abandoned the traditional winged arrow, indicating high speed. It’s just that now they will be used separately and occasionally meet together. For example, trunks and hoods of passenger cars will be decorated only with a stylized inscription.