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The Sky Airline logo is like a fresh perspective that allows one to see the world differently. The carrier is always ready to offer passengers exciting destinations. The emblem looks modern and original.

Sky Airline: Brand overview

Founded in 2001 by German-Chilean businessman Jürgen Paulmann, Sky Airline has become one of Chile’s low-cost airlines. With headquarters in Santiago, it quickly became the country’s second-largest airline, ranking just behind LATAM.

As the pioneer of low-cost flying in Chile, Sky Airline has set the stage for affordable travel in the country since its inception. It began operations in 2002, using Boeing 737-200 aircraft on domestic routes.

Over time, Sky Airline expanded its horizons and began flying to key destinations in South America, such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay. The airline has also diversified its services, operating charter flights to Chile and throughout South America and, more recently, adding domestic flights to Peru.

To remain relevant and efficient, Sky switched from outdated Boeing aircraft to a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft, which now serve most routes. Sky Airline has created a credible alternative to leading carrier LATAM to make air travel to Chile more affordable.

As of 2022, the airline has a significant team of over 1,500 employees and serves more than 4 million passengers annually, demonstrating its significant presence in the aviation sector.

Meaning and History

Sky Airline Logo History

2001 – 2007

Sky Airline Logo

From 2001 to 2007, Sky Airlines used a unique two-tiered logo as its first emblem, which was richly designed and thoughtfully conceived. The word “Sky,” rendered in dark blue, employed a bold, confident font. This design symbolized the firmness of the skies, reflecting the airline’s stability and professionalism.

Beneath the word “Sky” was the word “Airline,” across which a light green ribbon stretched, resembling the trail of an airplane in the sky. This ribbon is stylishly integrated into parts of the “Airline” glyphs, making it appear airy and giving it a sense of flight. The thin lines of the ribbon, much finer than the bolder “Sky” font, emphasized the lightness and dynamism associated with the company’s airplanes.

The logo’s color choice was deliberate: dark blue represented depth and reliability, while light green symbolized growth and development. Combining these elements created a powerful impression and visually linked the company’s name with its activities. The sky served as the backdrop for the word “Sky,” the line representing “Airline” effectively demonstrated how the brand’s liners leave a mark in this eternal blue expanse.

2007 – 2017

Sky Airline Logo

After joining the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Sky Airline had to update its corporate identity to meet new standards and strengthen its image on the international stage. The company decided to modernize its logo in response to these requirements, making it more solid and expressive.

The new logo design retained the traditional green and blue colors associated with the brand. Still, the image was significantly more compact and robust, symbolizing the company’s achievements and market stability. The logo prominently featured a large blue “Sky” letter, complemented by a green “Y.” This “Y,” stylized as an airplane, conveyed the calmness and confidence that the company provides in its flights.

The new logo presented the green ribbon as a semicircle, reminiscent of the planet’s outline. This design element symbolizes the company’s global ambitions and readiness to expand international routes. Such imagery emphasized Sky Airlines’s strategic focus on the international market and its aspiration to become a leading player in the aviation industry.

2017 – today

Sky Airline Logo

Sky Airline is better known as SꞰY, and its logo reflects this by depicting a turned ‘K.’ The designers emphasized the middle letter by making it two-colored: the two connected diagonals are green, and the vertical stroke is purple. As for the letters “S” and “Y,” they are completely purple and have a standard shape. A simple, bold sans-serif font ensures the text is readable, even with the “K” change.

The choice of two colors for the middle letter creates a visual focus in the logo, giving it a dynamic and modern feel. Bold sans-serif fonts promote readability, which aligns with the airline’s branding goals.