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SkyWest Inc: Brand overview

SkyWest Inc. traces its roots back to 1972, when SkyWest Airlines, a modest commuter airline, was founded in St. George, Utah. Over the next two decades, the airline expanded, gradually increasing its fleet and route map across the western United States.

In the early 1990s, the airline changed its strategic position by beginning to fly on codeshare agreements with larger airlines, thus shifting to a regional airline business model. In 1995, SkyWest Airlines entered the public arena by becoming a publicly traded company and, over the following decade, expanded its operations throughout North America.

To solidify its status, SkyWest Inc. was formed in 2005 and became the ultimate holding company for SkyWest Airlines and its regional subsidiary, Atlantic Southeast Airlines. Over time, SkyWest Inc. has acquired or partnered with other regional carriers, including ExpressJet Airlines and Compass Airlines.

SkyWest Inc. currently manages operations through its subsidiary airlines, SkyWest Airlines, ExpressJet Airlines, Compass Airlines, and Cafe Express. The combined SkyWest Inc. family of airlines operates more than 2,500 daily flights to more than 250 destinations, making it one of the leading regional airlines in North America.

SkyWest Inc. continues to operate regional flights for major airlines, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. In doing so, the company remains focused on operating regional air service throughout North America.

Meaning and History

SkyWest Inc Logo History

2005 – today

SkyWest Inc Logo

Many airlines use a flying airplane in their branding, but for SkyWest Inc., it is an unconventional image. The designers presented the airplane in an unusual perspective, combining simple blue geometric shapes – circles, stripes, and triangles. For the most part, it is abstract, as the drawing does not respect the proportions, and the wings are separated from the fuselage. Below the image is the black lettering “SKYWEST” in bold sans-serif font. Below it is the gray word “INCORPORATED,” consisting of thin letters with short serifs.

The choice of abstract shapes to represent the airplane gives the logo a modern artistic focus. This abstract approach allows the logo to be used more flexibly across multiple platforms and products. The black and gray text complements the blue geometric shapes, maintaining a professional look and giving the logo added visual complexity. Using different fonts for the words “SKYWEST” and “INCORPORATED” helps distinguish the primary brand name from the secondary corporate identifier.